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Payments for the first child

Getting a one-time benefit

As of January 1, 2011 the legislation wasApproved a lump sum payment, which the mother receives immediately after the birth of the child. It is 11 703 rubles. With questions on the payment for the first child, you need to apply to the place of the robots or, in the case where both parents are unemployed, to the regional department of social protection of the population (RUSZN). Payment is received within ten days after the documents have been submitted. Application for payment can be submitted no later than six months after the birth of the baby. In order to apply for benefits for the first child, you must first collect the following documents:

  • A certificate from the registry office, drawn up in the form number 24, which the parents receive after the registration was made;
  • The birth certificate of the first child;
  • A certificate stating that the second parent did not receive the payment. If the parent works, then the certificate can be taken at the place of the robots, if he is not employed - in the RUEZN at the place of residence;
  • If the allowance is to receive a single mother, thenShe is also obliged to provide a certificate filled in accordance with Form No. 25, received in the registry office, which will indicate the basis on which paternity data were entered in the birth certificate.

Next, let's talk about what is needed to obtain the benefit itself in the RUSZN. To do this, you will also need certain documents:

  • Application for payment;
  • A certificate filled in form 24 from the Registry Office on registration;
  • birth certificate;
  • The work books of parents, in which the records are made that they were dismissed from their last place of work.

In the case where parents have never worked, they must provide diplomas or other documents that will confirm that they previously did not have a job.

Single mother also must provide a certificate, which was filled in the registry office in accordance with the form number 25.

Benefits for persons who are subject to and are not subject to compulsory social insurance.

Next, we will talk about receiving benefits by individuals,Which are subject to compulsory social insurance. It is worth noting that the allowance is forty percent of the earnings that the parent received in the last twelve calendar months. But the minimum amount of the allowance for the first child can not be less than 2 194,34 rubles. And the maximum size can not be more than 13 825, 80 rubles. This allowance can be obtained after the child is one and a half years old. The application must be submitted no later than six months from this date.

Such a payment is received at the place of work of one of the parents. It can be either father or mother. To obtain this manual, you need to collect the following documents:

  • Application for payment;
  • A copy of the birth certificate of the child.

If you have several jobs, then the allowance can be obtained on one of them, depending on your choice.

If you are a non-subjectCompulsory social insurance, then you are assigned a benefit in the amount of 2 194.34 rubles. Such benefits are earned by unemployed mothers dismissed due to the organization's liquidation during pregnancy, maternity leave and parental leave until the age of one and a half years. To receive benefits, you must file:

  • statement;
  • A copy of the birth certificate of the child;
  • A copy of the identity document;
  • A copy of the work record book;
  • A certificate from the public employment service of the population on non-payment of unemployment benefits;
  • A document confirming the fact of residence of the child in the territory of the Russian Federation with one of the parents or the person who replaces him.
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