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Four types of women who are more stressed than others

1. All and always only in their hands

The main feature: Can not allocate responsibilities, believes that everything always depends on her herself. Nobody will ever do better. It's a workaholic, a good careerist. He works in full force, he does not know how.

Dangerous disadvantage: Does not know when to stop. Does not feel fatigue and exhaustion. As a result, problems related to health, or with fatigue accumulate one after another. This is equal to the hour-long bomb. It's just a matter of time.

How to deal with this: It is necessary to make respites, allowing the bodyRelax and gain strength. It is not worth downloading. Any duties can be distributed, but not taken for all at once. It is necessary to learn to trust others.

Actions for people of this type:

  • Put a sheet of blank paper in front of you. And try to write as many actions as possible, which you would like to accomplish. Then carefully read them.
  • And now imagine such a picture. One of your actions is not done by you, but, for example, your colleague at work. And, let's say, this person does not cope with a certain task. What's next? What can happen? What is the probability that the consequences of an error committed are irreversible. Or, perhaps, nothing global will happen? Maybe you have invented a problem for yourself, but in fact there is no problem at all.

2. Perfectionist

The main feature: I'm sure that everything should be and should always becorrectly. The only way. He tries to bring everything to perfection. It is very picky and suspicious to the people around, considering that they are still far from perfect.

Dangerous disadvantage: trying to maintain its ideal plan, somehow understands that perfection does not actually exist, which in the end can lead to deep depression.

How to deal with this: To explain to myself that perfection is not so important, and it is absolutely not necessary to strive for an ideal and even more so to demand it from others.

Actions for people of this type:Visit children's playgrounds where you can watchPlay games. Pay attention to the fact that all movements at the time of the game in children are involuntary, but at the same time they feel great joy, which leaves them the same game that does not involve any plan.

3. Complaisant

The main feature: Trouble-free, tries to help everyone, please everyone, sometimes even if it's not in her power. The demand is not for her. He does not know how to openly criticize, condemn.

Dangerous disadvantage: striving to protect everyone at the expense of their personalinterests, lay the foundation for the emergence of depression, which as a result of a direct road leads to stress. And this is an irreversible process. Since stress never passes without a trace. This can lead, for example, to personality disorders of the psyche, since stress does not pass without a trace.

How to deal with this: Do not act to damage your personal interests.

Actions for people of this type:

  • Before agreeing to provide another service, think about whether you really want to do this.
  • Think about what you will sacrifice by doing this or that service, and what you will gain if you follow it.

4. The ideal woman

The main feature: always a good mood, a smile on my face,there is optimism. This is a good friend, an excellent employee, an exemplary wife, a wonderful mother. Absolute in allrelations. People, as a rule, often abuse her friendliness and desire to help everyone.

Dangerous disadvantage: All-alive, true mood, always everythingit stays inside. Always suppresses negative emotions in oneself, does not get rid of them, but hides them by the mask of the perfect woman. All this is the soil for the emergence of depressions.

How to deal with this: To be able to distribute responsibilities.

Actions for people of this type:learn to refuse and do not all at once, but act "half".

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