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To live to a hundred and twenty

Commandment one: do not overeat!

Instead of the usual-ordinary 2.500 calories eat 1,500. This way you can arrange unloading for your cells, supporting their activity. Your body will gradually rejuvenate and become less susceptible to various diseases. You need to eat in a balanced way: not very much, but not a little.

Commandment two: the menu should be older!

Women about thirty, the first wrinkles will appearMuch later if they regularly include nuts and liver in their diet. Men and women over forty, especially beta-carotene will be useful. When you turned 50, you need calcium for bones and magnesium to maintain the heart. Men who are over forty very opportunely selenium, which contain kidneys and cheese. Selenium helps to relieve stress. After 50, eating more fish, we protect blood vessels and especially the heart.

Commandment three: try to find a suitable occupation or work for yourself!

The work supports youthfulness, according toin France. An unemployed person looks about five years older than his peer, who is working. Sociologists believe that some professions can help to preserve youth. This profession is a conductor, artist, philosopher and priest.

The fourth commandment: to find a couple for yourself in life!

The best remedy for aging is love andtenderness. Doing two or three times a week with normal sex, you will look younger than your age by fifteen years. With sexual intimacy, the hormone endorphin is produced in the human body, or as it is called in another way - the hormone of happiness. This hormone perfectly strengthens the immune system.

The fifth commandment: to have your own point of view!

It's no secret that a person who lives consciously, is much less likely to be depressed, unlike someone who is passively and limp along the flow.

Commandment Six: move!

Even ten minutes of playing sports a day,Prolongs your life. With an active process of movement in the body, growth hormones are released. After thirty years, the production of these vital hormones is dramatically reduced.

The seventh commandment: to sleep in a cool room!

Scientists have proved that who sleeps under the cool17-18 degree temperature, longer remains young. The main reason is that different manifestations of age characteristics, as well as metabolism, directly depend on the influence of ambient temperature.

Eighth commandment: from time to time you need to pamper yourself!

Contrary to all the recommendationsHealthy lifestyle, you can and should afford some tasty morsel. And if you liked the new bag or dress, then do not immediately recall the savings.

Commandment ninth: do not always repress anger in yourself!

More than others, it is susceptible to various diseases,Among which are malignant tumors, a person who instead of discussing with someone his grief, and maybe even argue, constantly reproaches himself. According to international tests, 64% of respondents with cancer, always suppressed anger in themselves.

Commandment the tenth: train your brain!

Regularly solve crosswords, studyForeign languages, play a variety of intellectual games. To count not only with the help of a calculator, but also in the mind. Forcing your brain to work, we thereby slow down the process of degradation of mental abilities, which unfortunately come with age.
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