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How to reduce the risk of cancer

Carcinogens are the main cause of cancerDiseases, and this is proved by multiple scientific experiments and developments. Enter carcinogens with the food we eat. Oncological diseases directly depend on our diet. If we eat foods of natural origin that contain all vitamins and trace elements necessary for the body, as well as various compounds for the normal course of biochemical reactions in the body, we help the body to stop the growth of undesirable phenomena. Scientists have proved that there is a little studied group of compounds that have a harmful effect on genes, violating their fission process and thus triggering the activation of malignant processes. These compounds are the same carcinogens.

Among the carcinogens are mostly in the lead"Polycyclic hydrocarbons". They are formed mainly in the oxidation (combustion) of organic substances. At the same time, soil, water, air and all the environment are polluted. Then these compounds accumulate in plants, which are then used by people and animals. As a result, they accumulate in the human body. In themselves, polycyclic hydrocarbons in the body of animals accumulate in a small amount. Increase in their quantity is promoted by the activity of the person himself. For example, when smoking a product, the number of polycyclic hydrocarbons increases many-fold. It is estimated that fifty grams of smoked sausage contains polycyclic hydrocarbons comparable to a pack of cigarettes. And these substances cause oncological diseases of the digestive organs, respiratory system and breast cancer.

The next most dangerous group areNitrates. But these are neither nitrates, which are used as mineral fertilizers in the agricultural sector. These are the so-called carcinogenic nitrate compounds. They cause cancer of the genitourinary system, digestive system, cancer of the nasopharynx and brain.

And another dangerous group of carcinogens,Which also need to pay attention - mycotoxins. These compounds mainly form mold fungi. They are formed as a result of their vital activity. They pose a great danger to us, since they are not even killed by prolonged boiling, they do not collapse at high temperatures. Therefore, in the usual kitchen, they do not have thermal cooking methods. They have no smell, no taste and can strike for 2-3 hours. Basically, they cause oncological diseases of the intestine, liver and stomach.

Do not forget about the carcinogens usedIn agriculture (pesticides, herbicides and fungicides). Also in food can contain other dangerous carcinogens (radionuclides and salts of heavy metals).

Here are a few rules that will help a little to alleviate the danger of food you eat.

  1. Procure food in controlled places, where there is a service of sanitary epidemiological stations.
  2. Store vegetables and fruits in refrigerators, and before cleaning, always rinse with running water. Peel the skin with a thick layer.
  3. Do not use moldy, rotten and spoiled food.
  4. Strictly observe the terms and conditions of storage of all food products. Pay special attention to perishable products.
  5. When frying, you can not wait for the oil to smoke. Use less fried foods.
  6. If possible, completely give up smoking.
  7. Refuse to eat fast food (french fries, chips, whites, pies, chebureks).
  8. Drastically reduce the intake of table salt and animal fats.
  9. Regularly check the collected mushrooms and berries for radionuclides.
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