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Food poisoning in pregnancy

Signs of poisoning

Signs of poisoning appear within 4 hours,After using low-quality products, immediately there is vomiting and nausea. The temperature can rise to 39 degrees, the pressure may drop. As a result, your head will spin and you may faint. Decreased appetite and diarrhea associated with food poisoning. The doctor can easily diagnose poisoning in a pregnant woman by these signs and symptoms.

Danger of food poisoning

With severe fungal poisoning throughThe fetoplacental barrier can penetrate the poison, which is fraught with consequences. But this is a rare phenomenon. With the usual poisoning, the body suffers from an infection that got into it with food of poor quality. The infectious agent does not affect the child and does not enter his blood system.

In pregnancy, poisoning is treated as standard,But you need to remember that for a pregnant woman dehydration and intoxication are dangerous and you need to fight them as early as possible. If you feel unwell, in case of severe vomiting, call an ambulance to have a pregnant woman hospitalized, and with the help of droppers carry out detoxification therapy.

If you stay at home, it is important to washStomach, but it is more contraindicated in the placental abruption, with the threat of bleeding and the threat of miscarriage. Emetic movements provoke repeated bleeding and it is better to wait until the stomach empties in its natural way, then use sorbents that absorb the body of bacteria and harmful substances and remove them from the body through the intestines - activated carbon, polysorb, enterosgel.

When vomiting stops, you need to make up for itThe lost liquid with purified water, solutions of minerals that are sold in the pharmacy, is better little by little. Drink plenty of liquid in small portions, but often until dryness and thirst in the mouth disappear. Most often, antibiotics are not required, the body itself will be cleansed. An antibiotic may become necessary in an unremarkable diarrhea and vomiting, with severe poisoning.

A few hours after the endVomiting, expand the unloading diet - dried bread, low-fat chicken broth, strong sweet tea. A short fasting, which is easily tolerated by ordinary people, is harmful for pregnant women, since it is necessary to restore protein and carbohydrate nutrition. To fully recover, you need to drink vitamin-mineral complex to restore the balance of minerals and vitamins in the body.

Women are always interested, poisoning will affectTo the child, whether there can be an intrauterine infection of an intestinal infection? Infection does not happen, and as for the state of the child, it depends on any trouble the mother, he and his mother will recover and for him there will be no consequences.

For prevention, you must follow a few simple rules, they are known to everyone, but often ignored:

  • Wash your hands thoroughly.
  • Thoroughly wash fruits and vegetables before use.
  • Look at the shelf life of the products, and the expired products must be discarded.
  • Do not leave uneaten food at room temperature, then eat it.
  • Try not to use unboiled milk,Dressed with mayonnaise salads, mushrooms, meat semi-finished products. And also raw eggs, eggs, boiled soft, perishable sweets (cakes and pastry with cream), canned food, pates.
  • During pregnancy, especially in later periods, to be sure of the quality of the dishes that you eat, eat at home, do not go to restaurants and cafes.

For a pregnant woman, food poisoning is much more dangerous than for other people, so as soon as suspicions and the first signs of poisoning have appeared, you need to call an emergency doctor and not engage in self-medication.

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