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"Magic" nuts for health and beauty

Consider several types of nuts:


On the territory of Russia this nut started to be imported fromGreece, so it was called: "Gretsky" By its appearance walnut resembles the shape of the human brain. In the Middle Ages, it was used only by aristocrats as a cure for headaches, and commoners were forbidden even to touch this nut.

In order to enhance the useful properties ofConsumption of walnuts, experts recommend to eat them along with useful herbs. They can also be eaten with fruit, meat dishes and cheese.

Modern cosmetologists actively useWalnut for various anti-aging procedures. Oil of a walnut perfectly tones up a skin, humidifies it and gives elasticity. Another very good property of this oil is the improvement of sunburn and prevention of sunburn.

To use a walnut as possible withGreat effect, it is not recommended to use after a year of storage. Hold the nuts in a hot oven for 5-10 minutes, this will noticeably improve their taste. And to clear the grain from the shell will be much easier. The greatest daily dose is 10-15 nuts. With uncontrolled amounts of eaten nuts, severe migraines, nausea, vomiting and various digestive system disorders are possible.

Do not believe those who say that walnutsContraindicated to people with excess weight, because they contain a lot of fat. In these fats, unsaturated fatty acids are mainly present. They do not accumulate in the body, but are easily and quickly absorbed. Therefore, eating a day not a lot of nuts (about ten pieces), you do not hurt your figure.


In Europe, peanuts were imported in the 16th century from China. And since then peanuts are one of the most favorite nuts.

Not a fair definition of "harmful" peanut nutDeserved because of the cooks who use it along with sugar. In this combination, peanuts do not benefit the body, and can even lead to fatness.

If the nut is used without any additives, then your body will be replenished with a mass of vitamins: A, U, B, C and many others.

With constant use of peanuts you can see improvements in the work of the cardiovascular and nervous systems.

Due to their nutritional properties, peanuts to some extent blocks the feeling of hunger, which allows people who have taken a diet, painlessly endure the desire to eat.

But there is one "but", with excessive consumption of this nut, there may be an allergic reaction. Therefore, use peanuts no more than 30-50 grams per day.

Useful chocolate.

American Indians were sure that the chocolateA tree - cocoa gave people a god, descending from the sky to the ground along the star's ray. He also taught people to prepare a useful fragrant drink. We must collect the grain from the tree, fry and grind. For several centuries it was necessary for a person to turn a bitter drink into a favorite sweet delicacy of adults and children - chocolate.

Even in ancient times, Indians knew about the beneficial properties of chocolate, and nowadays scientists have scientifically substantiated the use of chocolate for the human body.

Chocolate improves memory by stimulating workThe brain, helps to reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases, increases the immunity to catarrhal diseases. Having antimicrobial effect due to the content of tianin, chocolate protects teeth from plaque.

The content of chocolate in substances such as calciumAnd fluoride, helps to form the bones of the skeleton and strengthen the teeth. Magnesium helps fight stress and increases immunity. Stearic acid cleanses the blood vessels.

In chocolate, due to the content of vegetable oils, the complete absence of cholesterol, in addition, the phenol contained in chocolate prevents the formation of cholesterol.

The darker the chocolate, the more it benefits. The content of flavonoids can slow down the aging process.

The only minus of chocolate is highThe maintenance of calories. But the darker and hotter chocolate, the less calories it contains. So the daily consumption of not a lot of bitter chocolate will only benefit you.

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