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Top 5 Healthy Tips for Heart Health

What will please our heart? Here are some tips.

1. Movement.

A sedentary lifestyle is a scourge of modernity. New technologies, machines, robots have made our life much more comfortable, but at the same time they are harmful to health.

Now, in order to make soup, you do not needGo for water to the well, chop wood for the fire and grow vegetable plantations. And how much traffic we take from everyday things like elevator, phone, computer, transport! But without these means of comfort we are nowhere, and hence the only way out is sport.

Find the kind of activity that will bebring you pleasure. The best way to strengthen the heart is swimming, aerobics, yoga, dancing, and even running. The main thing is to do it regularly - such exercises are very important to the heart.

2. Rejoice!

Let the evil boss or the unjustthe teacher does not even try - they will not be able to spoil your mood! Stress and frequent changes in the emotional background are very harmful to the heart. So no stress - learn to relax!

If you are naughty - smile in return,continue to be rude - snyazhite something. The main thing is not to lose a sense of humor, inner balance and remember - squabbles and empty quarrels are not for you. Let the grandmother in the bazaar do this, you are a cultured girl, and do not delve into the mud and spoil your mood. After all, the day is so beautiful, and the heart beats with joy the butterfly in the chest!

3. Walking in the fresh air.

Do not be lazy to walk, if to the destination - just a few stops. Heart will appreciate your efforts! After all, walking is one of the most useful, and certainly the most simple form of aerobic exercise.

Well, if you live outside the city, freshair you will not be surprised. But the city residents are less fortunate, their constant harmful companions (exhaust gases, noise and crowding people) are very harmful to health. Advice - try to leave the city at least for the weekend. It would be ideal to have a dacha - but this is not affordable for everyone, and it is not always so necessary.

In order to move a lot and walk in the fresh air, our heart needs to eat well. Hence the next point.

4. Eat delicious and healthy.

This is possible and not at all difficult. You will invaluably help your motor, if you try to refuse fast food, sweet carbonated drinks and a lot of salt. Even instead of the second and even the third portion of sweet dessert, it is better to choose fruit (cherry, grapes and persimmon like the heart most), and instead of fried potatoes and flour products - vegetables. For the heart is very useful fish, seafood, eggs, any greens, berries and whole-grain products. Fiber removes harmful cholesterol from the body, clogging blood vessels, as well as helps better absorption of vitamins and minerals. Animal fats and the abundance of flour should be avoided on the contrary.

A healthy diet will not only help the heartstrong, but also you will add beauty and grace. The main rule is to try to limit yourself gradually so that it does not strain and bring pleasure. It is not necessary, however, to forget occasionally to pamper yourself, because we remember the point number 2 - no stress!

5. Good sleep.

Walking and playing sports well, but also aboutrest you need to remember! The heart loves a quiet sweet sleep in a well-ventilated room. It is best to try to stay up and get out of bed at the same time. The heart is a disciplined organ, and loves the regime. In addition, a strong sleep will give your face a fresh and ruddy appearance in the morning that will not go unnoticed by men!

And now about what the heart does not like.

First - the opposite of what is describedhigher. Abundant unhealthy food, a sedentary lifestyle, frequent stay in closed unventilated rooms and regular bouts of boredom and anger will make sick even the strongest heart.

Secondly - bad habits. Much has been said about this. Cigarettes decompose the organs of a person from within, are the cause of diseases of the teeth, respiratory organs, spoil the skin, hair and nails. Yes, and a smoking woman does not look aesthetically pleasing at all. The image of a sexy female vamp with a cigarette in her teeth has long been in the past - and this can not but rejoice the heart.

With alcohol, you will also have to be careful. A couple of glasses of good expensive wine a week can afford, but no more.

In addition, the heart can be strengthened by various vitamin-mineral complexes. Only first consult with your doctor. Some vitamins can also harm the body.

In folk medicine, there are also many ways to keep the heart in good shape. Here's one of them.

It is necessary to buy a kilogram of dark medium-sizedgrapes and divide it into two equal parts. We put one part aside, and on the other hand you proceed as follows. Every morning before dinner we eat 20 grapes each. When the contents of this pile are finished, we get the second part of the grapes and do the same. Only this time we eat 20 grapes on the first day, in the second - 19, in the third - 18 and so on. After 5 grapes the portion is no longer reduced, so we eat all the grapes. The only caveat: use caution in people who suffer from diabetes. Well, remember that any folk remedy can not replace medical treatment. If it is prescribed for you - do not cancel the pills yourself!

And finally, I want to wish you to be lazy to watch over your health, because his gratitude is invaluable! We have one heart, take care of it!

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