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Cleanse the body in one day? No problem!

7:00 If you smoke, throw it momentarily!

Perhaps it's the best thing you can doto take to cleanse your body of toxins and toxins. In just 8 hours without a cigarette in your mouth, the oxygen level in your blood will again become normal, doctors say. You can also start taking medications containing vitamins C or E, which help neutralize the so-called free radicals.

7:30 Drink a glass of ordinary drinking water.

It is extremely important to start the day with drinking. Warm water with a lemon will exhilarate you and help you to wake up faster. The next morning, after sleep, perhaps the highest concentration of poisons and toxins is reached in the blood, and the liquid that you drink sutra helps dissolve them and remove them from the body, thereby purifying it. And throughout the day you should drink from 1.5 to 2 liters. water. Also a glass of hot water on an empty stomach, before breakfast, well helps to cope with the excessive desire to eat.

7:35 Take the milk thistle.

This plant, which is sold in a pharmacy,favors the process of metabolism without a share of doubt, experts say in the field of healthy lifestyle. Homeopaths and herbalists use milk thistle in a comprehensive rehabilitation course in the treatment of alcoholism, as it cleanses the body and has a beneficial effect on the liver.

8:00 Eat sunflower seeds.

Just one dessert spoon of ordinary linenThe seeds in the breakfast process are sufficient to have a beneficial effect on the mucous membrane of your gastrointestinal tract. This action will be much better, if the flaxseed is soaked in the evening, a thick, sticky mass must be obtained that envelops the intestinal mucosa, and as a result, relieves inflammation and stimulates peristalsis.

14:30 Be sure to drink herbal tea.

Wait for a while until the food is absorbed, andabout 20 minutes after eating, drink hot tea - doctors advise. It should go to green or herbal tea - it helps stabilize blood sugar levels, soothes and softens the inflammatory processes in the stomach. And also these drinks are unrestricted stents for cleansing both the kidneys and the liver, and the body as a whole.

16:00 Take a little breather.

Breathing in the so-called "yoga" system. In a sitting position, mop your ear lobules a little. Thus stimulating energy points. then make 3-4 short breaths and exhalations through the nose. Then extend your arms approximately at shoulder level. After a couple of minutes, take a breath and raise your hands just above your head, and then join them with your hands. Finally, exhale (relaxed hands should be along the body).

16:30 Drink a so-called invigorating drink.

Under an invigorating drink, as many might think,there is in view of not a rim of the ridge, but the juice of wheat grass, which you will find in pharmacies. It contains so-called enzymes that promote good digestion, chlorophyll is a natural detoxification agent, and beta-carotene, an ingredient that can activate your immune system, and also increase the body's resistance to infectious diseases. After drinking only a small coffee cup, after a few minutes, you will feel a surge of energy.

18:00 Prepare a supersalat.

Boil together 200 g inflorescences of ordinary broccoliand 120 g. of fresh green peas. Then, beat the whole thing with cold water, add about 40 grams of small-cut avocado, 20 grams of flaxseed, 100 grams of freshly sliced ​​cucumber, and 100 g of brynza rubbed with a small grater, and finely chopped greens and parsley, and can be added for taste of mint. Fill all this with lemon juice and olive oil. This salad contains many salts of not unknown folic acid, and these salts, like nothing else, are needed to restore energy balance.

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