/ The whole truth about the night meals!

The whole truth about the night meals!

Based on the research, scientists managed to doThe conclusion that a sense of night hunger is extremely important for the restoration of body cells. During the day, this process is hindered by stress and food, which we fill the stomach. But an extremely dense dinner can become a kind of barrier for restoring the digestive system and the whole organism. In addition, a full stomach can cause sleep disorders and insomnia.

When a person feels hunger in the evening, inHis body includes a mechanism for the breakdown of fats, which leads to the development of energy, which we need for a full life and work capacity. At the same time, the brain receives a very large amount of glucose, which is also useful. That's why regular night meals can be the main reason for gaining excess weight. But from each rule there is an exception, and in this case it concerns adolescents who need more energy. From this it follows that, before the age of twenty-two, it is not forbidden to eat at night and at night.

Modern people are extremely busy people. Far from each of us can afford a full breakfast and a normal dinner. The same can be said about the dinner. Well, in this case it is very important to determine the products, the use of which at night is not desirable, but it is entirely acceptable.

People who do not have problems with being overweight and notAdhering to diets, can afford to eat before going to bed easily digestible dishes. These dishes include pancakes, boiled rice, pastries, baked potatoes, kiwi, banana, raisins and honey. All these products have a high index of glycemia. They can saturate the brain with glucose, and also help them develop serotonin and melatonin, providing a light sleep. However, it is worth remembering that such food is strictly prohibited for people suffering from diabetes or obesity.

If there are sleeping problems, it is recommended thatUse products that increase the level of tryptophan. This particular amino acid stimulates the production of carotid substances. The products used by people suffering from insomnia include: dairy products, cheese, sesame, honey, infusions of mint and chamomile.

And now it's time to talk about products,Which in the evening and before bedtime is simply unacceptable, as they can lead to a set of excess weight, poor sleep and disturbed health. These products include: caffeinated products, energy drinks, alcohol, legumes, cabbage, pasta, whole milk, onions, zucchini, tomatoes, oranges, plums, cherries, apples and nuts. Some of the above products can cause fermentation in the intestines, others - give green light to the appetite. All of them are under strict prohibition!

Certainly, in order to have a slim figure andAvoid problems with digestion is worth giving your stomach a rest. But sometimes the feeling of hunger can be very intrusive. In the evening, the appetite is much more active than in the day. This is because during the day we are busy with all sorts of things that do not leave us time to think about food.

Many of us even after a hearty dinner like to drink tea with all sorts of goodies or chew an apple. All this comes from boredom, not from hunger.

To eat less during dinner, half an hour before him drink unsweetened yogurt. As a result of the fact that the brain will be deceived by such a snack, the amount eaten at dinner will decrease dramatically.

Few people know that a person is typicalHave eyes. If you vary the vespers menu, you can eat much faster. Lovers of sweets should remember that their use instead of dinner is unacceptable and harmful.

Of course, eating at night or giving up this habit is a highly personal matter. But if you still decide to "freeze the worm" at night, let your snack be useful and easy!

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