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Coconut. With what and how it is eaten

Let's talk about the coconut and its components. Usually inside the coconut is the so-called milk. And inside some varieties of coconut is jelly. This species is called Sap in Vietnam. This species grows in the province of Chavin, which is located in the south of the country. There also grow "waxy coconuts", the flesh of which looks like wax.

And now, if you have a coconut in your hands, the most importantThe task is to open it. In order to do any action with the coconut, first you need to pour liquid from it. In the upper part of the coconut there are three hollows of round shape. One of them is almost not protected by a rough skin and can easily be pierced with some sharp and hard object. It is necessary to make a hole and drain the juice into a container or through a tube to drink juice. After that, to open the coconut quickly, without wrecking your furniture, you have to tap the nut around the whole circumference with a hammer or any solid object. If you find a line of a natural fault, you can completely do without a hammer. You press a knife on this line, after which the fruit is broken in half. It's all! After this whole procedure, the flesh is separated with a knife and it can be used for its intended purpose. The appointments themselves can be quite a lot.

Food is usually consumed by the very pulp of coconut (itsCall copra). It is used in fresh or dried form. Coconut milk is also used. The flesh is crushed, grinding the grater. Coconut milk can be used in all kinds of cocktails or drink without any impurities. It is especially tasty and pleasant to use this juice, after cooling it in the refrigerator, it will well relieve you of thirst. Coconuts can be used in different types of fruit salads, desserts, pies and other dishes.

Since the coconut has a number of useful properties, itsUse is beneficial and improves the state of human health. Milk and flesh pulp contains various nutritional elements - proteins, carbohydrates, fiber, and fats, which take up to 65%, vitamins, antioxidants, mineral and mineral salts. So we can say that the pulp and milk of coconut not only have a pleasant taste and aroma, but also useful.

For example, fats, which are contained in coconuts,Help to improve metabolism, promote body cleansing, significantly stimulate digestion and restore the functions of important organs in the body. A pleasant smell of the fruit of a coconut palm is able to suppress appetite and dull the feeling of hunger. When you use the pulp of coconut, the load on the liver is reduced, because it does not stay in the body and turns into energy almost immediately after ingestion.

From the pulp can be prepared flavored coconutOils, which are very often used in cosmetic and aromatic products, they moisturize the skin and mucous membranes. Especially effective can be considered the use of nut extracts to care for our hair, which keep your hair healthy, help them grow and give shine and a healthy appearance. Oil can also help get rid of various skin and allergic reactions.

Quite often, the oil is used for massage,Which increase the overall tone and slow the aging of body tissues. The assimilation of vitamins, amino acids and minerals is also due to coconut oil. It strengthens immunity, because it contains antimicrobial lipids, capric acid and caprylic acid, lauric acid, they have antifungal, antiviral and antibacterial properties. Coconut oil forms a layer, when applied to wounds and affected areas, this layer protects against external dust, fungi, air, bacteria, viruses. However, the list of all the useful properties of coconut, milk and all its products and this does not end there.

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