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Useful habits that are harmful to health

1. It was always believed that to restore the organismDuring sleep it takes eight hours. Scientists have proved that in reality such a quantity of time is redundant and leads to overwork. It will be much more effective during the day to arrange small breaks for rest, lasting from 15 to 20 minutes. It is believed that short-term daytime sleep is much more useful than, for example, two hours of sleep at night.

We all know the statement that a longSleep is an effective remedy for fatigue and stress. It's a delusion. The fact is that a long sleep on the contrary leads to overexposure and disinhibition. Therefore, in order to gain strength, to wake up vigorously and efficient enough to sleep and six hours, or seven.

2. Morning and evening toilet is needed. But always everything should be in moderation. It is absolutely not necessary to trouble yourself with careful washing with all sorts of antibacterial agents. Dermatologists believe that following hygiene should be followed in the usual way, without fanaticism.

Bacteria in a certain composition shouldTo be present on the surface of the skin, as it serves as a protection against various infections. And their complete extermination leads to frustration, dryness, and a decrease in the normal balance. On the surface of the skin there is a protective film that protects our body from the adverse effects of the external world. That, for example, too hot water destroys this protection. Therefore, if you want to refresh yourself, rinse with cool water, which will be much more effective. Here it should also be noted that one should not overdo it in oral care. Brushing your teeth is not worth a few times a day, and mouth rinsing unlimited number of times, will not lead to anything good.

3. Interesting is the fact that in the house cleaning should beIs also carried out in moderation. Excessive purity causes dangerous harm to the body's most immune system. All this is because the immunity is developed and strengthened, by combating bacteria. Therefore, it should be remembered that the immune system needs training in the development of protection. At children of superfluous mums, there is a risk of disease by such illnesses, as for example, an asthma. Also various allergic diseases are widespread. It is important to remember that everything must be balanced. Cleanliness in the room should certainly be a new measure. The total absence of dust is also harmful, as is its excess.

4. It is believed that daytime sleep, which followsLunch, very useful for the body. Actually this is not true. For a growing organism, yes, it has a positive impact. But as for adults, the top-of-the-dream sleep should be replaced by a walk along the fresh air, as daytime can knock down the biological rhythms of the body. Also, sleep during the day produces hormones that contribute to the development of such a disease as diabetes. Thus, a walk arranged instead of sleep will have the most beneficial effect on your organism.

It is also believed that the calories received duringDinner after six, begin to be deposited in the form of subcutaneous fat. In fact, even if your dinner is held at nine o'clock in the evening, a short walk after it will indulge you from such a risk.

5. Proper and measured breathing is very important.The scientists came to the conclusion that it is more correct to breathe not with the breast, but with the stomach. Breath of breath is very beneficial for lymphatic drainage. When breathing chest, the following occurs, the air that has got into the lungs, does not have time to return and frosts, thereby causing a violation of gas exchange. Breathing belly should be regular, making a short pause between inhalation and exhalation.

If the breath is for you something new and unusual, try to master and get used to it. Since proper breathing is a guarantee of health.

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