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Aloe for the treatment of varicose veins

Studies have shown that aloe containUseful resins, bitter aloins, many vitamins and enzymes, essential oil. Aloe leaves contain about 20 amino acids, cellulose, beta-carotene, choline, nicotinamide, vitamins B1, B6, B2, C, E and other microelements. Aloe is actively used in both folk formulas and in the production of pharmaceutical companies. For effective treatment of varicose at home, it is extremely important to properly prepare the aloe juice.

Preparation of aloe juice for the treatment of varicose veins

Serious attention is paid to this problem by scientists. Academician Filatov on the basis of long studies has derived an interesting pattern. It turns out that in the leaves of aloe (this applies to many other plants), in an extreme situation, especially valuable substances are produced-biogenic stimulants. They "include" the mechanism of self-healing of cells, prompting them to fight for life. Simultaneously, stimulants fight with microorganisms attacking weakened cells.

However, the biogenic stimulants in the fresh puffyHealthy leaves are not contained. It is necessary to create extreme conditions. To do this, freshly cut aloe leaves are isolated from sunlight and placed in the cold. Ideal for a refrigerator. In such conditions, life processes in the cells are gradually fading. At a certain stage, cells, in order to survive, mobilize all their resources, producing biogenic stimulators, which excite the extinct life of cells.

It turned out that these stimulants (likeStem cells) are universal. That is, they treat not only the leaves of aloe, but also any living organism. Especially well treatable varicose veins, as they are close to the skin. You can actively use ointments based on aloe. In this case, there are fewer contraindications than when ingested.

It is generally known that the most valuableOld leaves of aloe. They accumulate more useful substances. The leaves are scalded with boiling water and dried. Then they are placed in a cool place (+ 2≈ + 6 ° С) for a week. Only after extreme storage, leaves are crushed and squeezed juice, saturated with microelements and biostimulants.

Folk recipes

In 100 grams of prepared aloe juiceStir 5 g of mummy. The resulting solution is lubricated by problem areas. Especially effective in the treatment of ulcers that are formed in varicose veins. However, during the period of exacerbation the remedy is not applied. In the autumn-spring period, the lubricated areas are covered with parchment paper or aloe, cut along the leaves, and bandaged for a day. In the spring-autumn period, the leaves of aloe can be replaced by plantain. After a day, remove the compress and this area is lubricated with St. John's wort oil.

Mix one table / spoon of aloe juice, honey,Pork lard, Onion juice, Vishnevsky ointment (or ichthyol ointment). The resulting mixture is neatly brought to a boil, but with the first bubbles turned off and cooled. Ointment is applied directly to the area of ​​the inflammation of the vein. The leg is not tightly bandaged. Every morning a fresh ointment is applied. The course is to use the ointment.

Prepare an infusion of aloe leaves on vodka. Prepared in the cold, the leaves are finely chopped and pawned to half a half-liter bottle. Up to the top poured with quality vodka. Insist a week in coolness without access to light. The infusion is shaken a couple of times a day. After filtering, you can rub your feet - from foot to hip. The course is long, up to 4 months every evening. Simultaneously, take Pergu 3 times a day (if there is no allergy) on a half teaspoon. The procedure is aimed at removing leg fatigue and reducing the vascular network in varicose veins.

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