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Essential oil of basil

An essential oil is also obtained from this plant. Scientific research has proved that basil, like its oil, can destroy a huge number of pathogenic microorganisms and protozoa, besides it contains provitamin A and vitamin P, it stimulates digestion, enhances the body's defenses, improves appetite.

Healing properties

Essential oil of the plant has many healing properties, and therefore can be used for a variety of ailments and problems, including:

  • To relieve the inflammation of the middle ear;
  • As an anesthetic for intestinal and gastric colic;
  • As an anesthetic, deodorizing and disinfectant in dentistry; Also used to treat stomatitis;
  • To relieve pain in arthritis, muscle cramps, nervous diseases, bruises, gout, rheumatism, etc .;
  • As an antipyretic agent for septic fevers with impaired cardiac function;
  • To stimulate appetite;
  • As a diuretic;
  • For the treatment of chronic gastritis;
  • For the treatment of pyelonephritis and cystitis;
  • To eliminate problems with food poisoning, indigestion;
  • To restore the sense of smell after a prolonged runny nose;
  • With vomiting, flatulence;
  • As an antiseptic in the treatment of fungal skin lesions, long healing wounds, eczema, diabetic and trophic ulcers, phlegmon.
  • For the treatment of colds, bronchitis, influenza, whooping cough, pneumonia, tonsillitis;
  • As a tonic for asthenia, also eliminates dizziness and headache;
  • To restore respiratory function after colds;
  • Use with purulent tendovaginitis, painful menstruation, ailments of the uterus;
  • To restore the defenses of the body;
  • For the normalization of the work of the heart, blood circulation;
  • To increase blood pressure;
  • As an excitant in the suppression of the central nervous system. Contributes to the restoration of the forces in the case of physical, nervous and mental exhaustion, helps with the weakening of the sharpness of the mind and memory, in the absence of concentration. Has a soothing effect with depression, apathy, states of fear, insomnia, melancholy;
  • Is a folk remedy for increasing the milk of a nursing woman;
  • Used to strengthen the gums, treatment of ulcers,Wounds, bowel cleansing, for the treatment of warts, recovery after exhausting long-term illnesses due to endogenous and exogenous intoxication and infections;
  • As a remedy for hair loss;
  • For the care of wilting and dry skin, since the basil retains moisture, softens the skin, stimulates the metabolism of proteins; In addition, it helps with skin hyperemia;
  • For processing insect bites.

Application and dosage


  • 10 ml of alcohol (ethyl) take 5 drops of oil (rub in the scalp if hair falls out);
  • One-three drops of pure essential oil (rub in the scalp if hair falls out);
  • A tampon with two drops of oil - for the treatment of warts and insect bites.

Massage: for 10 ml of vegetable oil take three to four drops of oil.

To add to the bath, take four or seven drops.

Inside take a drop by drop on a teaspoon of honey (after eating three times a day).

Two or three drops of oil are added to the nebulizer.

For rinses, you need five drops (per 10 ml of alcohol).

Aromoculum: a few drops (to restore the sense of smell).

Aromakuritelnitsa: up to five drops (for insomnia, migraine, to improve concentration).

In cosmetics, add four to five drops of oil per 10 g of the product.

Cold compress: four to five drops.


Excessive blood clotting, pregnancy. Prolonged use can cause heart problems.

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