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Surrogate motherhood program

Surrogate motherhood programs in someCases (for example, if as a result of surgery, a woman can not have children) are the only chance for women to have their child. Infertility can occur due to the absence of the uterus, which was removed due to bleeding during labor, fibroids. Sometimes women with uterine deformities or with serious illnesses who interfere with the normal outcome of pregnancy resort to the surrogate mother's services. Surrogate motherhood can be used by those women who already several times transferred good embryos to the uterus, but all attempts failed.

Such a program in a number of countries isReligious reasons, but in the Russian Federation, the Family Code prescribes the legal order of surrogate motherhood. According to the existing legislation, the surrogate mother has the right to decide the fate of the child. Simply put, a surrogate mother can keep her child and there's nothing to be done about it. Genetic parents can take the child to themselves only after the surrogate mother refuses it. Medical aspects in this matter so far have an incomprehensible order to the end.

Thus, in such a situation participateSeveral people are a surrogate mother and, of course, genetic parents. A surrogate mother can have her own family, before which she will have certain obligations, so the decision in some cases changes, despite the fact that both sides signed all the documents in writing. Such a development of events is allowed by law. Pregnancy can be interrupted due to the fact that the genetic parents for some reason do not want to have a common child. In surrogate motherhood there is one important point - to find a healthy woman. Unfortunately, about half of the surrogate mothers have minor health problems, so it is impossible to exclude the exacerbation of the detected chronic pathology completely (because of what genetic parents can refuse the future child). Yes, and the fact that during pregnancy due to a drop in immunity there will be no new diseases to exclude, too, can not.

According to statistics, pregnancy with this methodFertilization occurs in about 30% of cases, the same percentage as in the IVF method. But the survival of embryos in the first case (surrogate motherhood) is much higher, there is often a multiple pregnancy, which is attributed to high risk. It is worth noting that the healthy surrogate mother may have an ectopic pregnancy (found in 2% surrogate mothers).

Physical and mental health of the futureThe newborn depends on how carefully the woman carries it. In some cases, a woman who participates in the surrogate motherhood program has a mother's feelings for the future child, which makes it psychologically difficult for her to give the child to the genetic parents. Despite this factor, there are cases of repeated participation of a woman in this program. Surrogate mothers participating in this program faithfully fulfill their obligations - they are financially interested in this.

People use surrogate mothers,Who are doomed to childlessness, and this program is able to solve significant social problems for them and give a chance to have their children. In families of "customers" babies, as a rule, are very much expected and certainly loved.

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