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Treatment of fungus on the nails of the feet

The best choice for the slightest suspicion ofnail fungus - make an appointment for a consultation with a dermatologist or a mycologist. The specialist will conduct a visual inspection, assess the structure and thickness of the nail, take tissue samples for further analysis. With the help of the conducted studies, the doctor can determine whether the fungus is present, its type and recommend appropriate treatment. At the recommendation, the doctor takes into account the form of the lesion, the prevalence of the process, the presence of diseases that may affect the healing process, the speed of nail growth, etc.

Methods of treatment of fungus

Today, for the treatment of nail fungusthere are highly effective means of local and general action. At the initial stage of the disease, when the area of ​​the fungus is not yet very high, it is possible to prescribe local treatment, that is, applying about twice a day an antifungal agent with a broad spectrum of action, which can be produced in the form of a cream, ointment or solution.

Before applying the drug, it is necessarycarry out a special procedure for preparing nails. The first is a soap and soda bath. To make it, pour a half of hot water into which a tablespoon of soda and 60 g of laundry soap are added, after which the extremities affected by the fungus are placed in this bath for 10-15 minutes. The second - softened horny layers are processed with the help of manicure nippers and saws. These procedures are carried out until the growth of unchanged, healthy nails.

Local drugs are most oftenEXODERIL (pharmacological name hydrochloride naphthyfine), LAMIZIL (terbinafine hydrochloride), KANISON (clotrimazole), NIZORAL (ketoconazole), and MICSOPOR (bifonazole), which is sold together with a waterproof plaster. The last remedy is superimposed on the affected areas and fixed with a waterproof plaster for a day. After a day, after soaking in the soap-soda bath, the nail polish areas are removed using manicure accessories. Duration of the course of treatment, as well as with the use of other drugs - until the fungus is completely removed and healthy nails grow.

If the disease is in the initial stage, thenfor local treatment you can take antifungal varnishes, such as LOTSERIL, BATRAFEN. The first remedy should not be used more than once or twice a week, covering their nails on the affected limbs. The course of treatment generally lasts about six months with the treatment of hands and about a year in the treatment of legs. BATRAFEN is applied as follows: during the first month, it is applied every other day, during the second month - about two times every week, for the third - once a week until the healthy nail grows. If necessary, a layer of manicure can be applied over the antifungal varnish.

If local treatment is already ineffective, orthe nail is completely afflicted with the nail fungus, then the physicians prescribe antifungal drugs of general action, usually taken orally. These are such agents as LAMIZIL, TERBIZIL, ONIHON, EKZIFIN, FUNGOTERBIN, ORUNGAL, RUMIKOZ, IRUNIN, DIFLUKAN, FORCAN, MICOSIT, MICOMAX, FLUKOSTAT, NIZORAL, MICOSORAL. Often they are used together with antifungal varnishes.

Treatment Contraindications

Before applying this or that drug,you must carefully read the instructions to him and consult a doctor, since most antifungal drugs have an impressive list of contraindications. Most often they include:

  • Pregnancy;
  • The use of hormonal contraceptives;
  • Childhood;
  • Lactation period;
  • Diseases of the kidneys or liver.
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