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On what term can there be a frozen pregnancy

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Effects of smoking

Smokers are more likely to develop a frozen pregnancy. Smoking causes changes in the blood supply to the mother, which causes irreversible processes to harm the child.

The child does not receive the required amount of oxygen and the frozen pregnancy in the early stages occurs as a result of placental abruption and leads to miscarriage.

Dead pregnancy

At what time will the fetus die?It is not always possible to determine. To call a frozen pregnancy can be stressful situations, various diseases or injuries. Given that the fetus in the period of three to four weeks and eight to eleven weeks is more vulnerable and vulnerable, then at this time it is more likely that the fetus will die. During this period of pregnancy the vital organs of the future child begin to develop and significant changes occur in the female body. Therefore, various complications during this period of pregnancy can cause it to fade.

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Knowing how the frozen pregnancy behaves,A woman can go to the right time to seek medical help and urgently begin treatment. Usually such an anomaly manifests itself in the very first stages of pregnancy. The symptoms of fetal fading in late terms differ from those that occur at earlier stages.

Fetal fetalization in the early stages is accompanied byThe disappearance of toxicosis, general malaise, possibly an increase in temperature, weakness, bloody discharge, painlessness of the mammary glands and other signs.

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Frozen pregnancy late in lifeManifested cessation of movement and lack of palpitation of the fetus, a decrease in the size of the mammary glands in a woman, pain in the lower abdomen, lack of palpitation of the fetus. With gynecological examination, the doctor diagnoses fetal fading, considering many factors (opening the cervical canal, brown discharge from the uterus).

Having found out the frozen pregnancy, doctors chooseDifferent ways of treatment. At the term of up to two months of pregnancy, special medications are prescribed that cause miscarriage or surgical intervention. A systematic visit to a gynecologist is very important for a woman during pregnancy. Timely diagnosis - fading fade allows you to get out of the situation with the least complications. Restoring health and strengthening the body of a woman after a dead pregnancy is of no small importance for the preparation for a future pregnancy.

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