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Causes of metabolic disorders

The metabolism consists of two interrelated processes - anabolism (synthesis reaction) and catabolism (decomposition reactions, splitting).

Anabolism includes the synthesis of cellular substances and components in the course of enzymatic reactions. Anabolism is associated with the consumption of energy contained in the phosphate bonds of ATP.

Catabolism, on the contrary, implies splittingOwn and food molecules during the enzymatic reaction and is accompanied by the release of energy in the form of ATP. That is, enzymes play a major role in metabolic processes.

Causes of metabolic disorders

The main reasons are as follows:

  • Disruption of the endocrine and nervous systems of the body;
  • Absence of enzymes due to a violation of their synthesis;
  • Lack of immune proteins;
  • Absence of transport proteins;
  • A dramatic change in the diet, which leads to a lack of trace elements, vitamins, essential amino acids, fatty acids;
  • Not matching the qualitative and quantitative composition of food with the total energy expenditure in the body;
  • Excess heavy metals in the body;
  • Receipt of foreign, toxic compounds (xenobiotics);
  • Violations at the gene level, in DNA.

Great influence on the metabolism processProvides a way of life, regularity of nutrition, a well-chosen diet, the amount of normal sleep, stressful situations, exercise and just active movements.

There is a point of view that the reasons for the violation of metabolic processes also lie in the following:

Sharp changes in life

It was revealed that a metabolic disorderPeople who are difficult to perceive change, to rebuild their lives suffer much more often. Long-term studies have shown that among those suffering from anorexia, those who strive for strict order in life, anticipate and organize their lives are significantly more prevalent.

Family problems

American researchers have shown thatPeople suffering from bulimia are more likely to appear in families where there is no normal relationship between family members, there is no kindness, support, mutual assistance, etc. In such cases, bulimia becomes a way to attract attention, and thus compensate for the excess of kilograms lack of family relationships.

In persons with anorexia, in an overwhelmingIn most cases there were strong, strict parents who still exert pressure on their children and their families. As a result, this leads to conflicts in the family, the lack of normal relationships.

In such cases, deliberate weight loss isFor them the first independent step. Such people try to prove themselves as a person, to prove to their parents that they can do much without their instructions, and therefore they begin to control their weight.

Social problems

Some people begin to link socialProblems, failures, failures in relations solely with their completeness. At such moments a person comes to the conclusion that if he were skinny or slender, nothing bad would happen to him. He sat down on a cruel diet, which causes a violation of metabolic processes in the body.

Serious emotional shocks, including road accidents, divorce, problems with loved ones, death of relatives, exacerbation of the disease.


It should be remembered that the metabolic disorder has serious consequences, the treatment of which will require a lot of effort, time and money. Therefore, it is better to prevent this pathology than to treat it later.

Measures to prevent metabolic disordersAre accessible to everyone. They are reduced to a balanced diet, an active lifestyle, exercise, healthy sleep. Try to avoid stressful situations and go to diets with common sense. If you have any problems, please contact the specialists for assistance.

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