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Elevated temperature during pregnancy

Causes of fever in pregnancy

The most common cause of this phenomenon inThe period of pregnancy is the very state of pregnancy. During this period there are significant changes in the hormonal system of the woman: in a large number of hormone progesterone begins to be produced, according to experts this can cause a rise in temperature.

In addition, during pregnancy, the immune systemProtection of women is slightly reduced, which is quite natural. This is because otherwise there is a risk of rejection of the female body of the fetus. And, as you know, a decrease in body defenses is often accompanied by an increase in body temperature. Therefore, such a phenomenon as "temperature" during pregnancy is quite natural and quite common. It is worth noting that the body temperature can rise already at the earliest. It is quite permissible to raise the body temperature during pregnancy, both in the first trimester and in the second. However, the increased body temperature in the third trimester, most likely, indicates the presence of any disease.

If we talk about the permissible values ​​of the increasedTemperature, then the norm is an increase of 0.5-1 degrees. Thus, the body temperature during pregnancy, if the increase is caused by the pregnancy itself, should be about thirty-seven degrees. It is not necessary to take any actions or actions in this case, since such a state is not dangerous for any woman or her baby. However, it is advisable to inform the attending physician about the presence of fever.

It's different if the body temperature rises due toPresence of any disease. In this case, the body temperature rises much more than up to thirty-seven degrees. This increase already presents some danger for the baby, and therefore requires the adoption of the necessary measures.

How to deal with fever during pregnancy

As a rule, such an increase is causedAcute respiratory infections. Treatment of these diseases during this period is complicated, since a woman can not take the vast majority of medicines that help with these diseases. This is due to the fact that these medications can cause serious harm to the fetus, and therefore the choice of therapy should be carried out in each case individually, taking into account the condition of the woman, the severity of the disease, the effectiveness of medications,

If the body's elevation is caused by ARI, and the courseThe disease is not severe, the main method of treatment is to take medications according to the prescriptions of traditional medicine. For example, if you wipe the body with cool water, then it can significantly lower body temperature. Wipe off alcohol is not desirable, because alcohol penetrates through the skin into the body. In addition, sweatshop tea with linden or raspberries is an effective means for fighting diseases. Although it is possible to use other similar drugs, which are quite effective in lowering the temperature and do not require the use of medications.

If the increase is caused by a serious illness,For example, pyelonephritis or pneumonia, then it is unlikely to manage without taking medication. Only popular methods here are unlikely to help. It is worth noting that the danger in this situation is not in the elevated body temperature, but in the present infection. Do not forget that different medications have different degrees of danger for the future baby. Therefore, if there is a need to take medicines, it is necessary to take very seriously the choice of the drug, relating efficiency and risk. Undoubtedly, before taking any medication you need to consult with an observant physician.

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