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Eye drops when working with a computer

What is important to know when choosing medical drops

Fatigue of the eyes with a long work at the computerRemoves the substance tetrisoline hydrochloride or its analog, which is part of these drops. This medicine is successfully used for allergic diseases. Its useful property is to quickly narrow the blood vessels and helps get rid of unpleasant sensations. But tetriozoline hydrochloride has a number of other properties, not so useful. When it is used for a long time, there is an excessive constriction of blood vessels, the eyes stop temporarily receiving oxygen, which causes them to turn redder even more. Also this substance causes a rapid heartbeat, dilates the pupils. With uncontrolled use, it is easy to get an overdose of the drug, which can cause unnecessary excitement, insomnia and even convulsions and pulmonary edema.


At all drops for putting off or taking out of weariness of eyes, in structureWhich includes a vasoconstrictor, there are some restrictions on the use. For example, droplets can not be used while driving a car - there is a possibility of blurring the vision. It is necessary to use with caution drops to persons suffering from severe heart disease and those who resort to taking drugs that can increase blood pressure.

You should not use this medicine duringPregnancy and lactation. Every effort should be made to avoid direct contact of the drip product with the surface of soft contact lenses due to possible irreversible damage to their transparency. In general, it is necessary to consult a doctor before applying medical drops. Although they are created exclusively for aesthetics, there is a medicinal substance in them.

Types of drops and their application

The most in demand at the moment areEye drops to relieve fatigue when working at a computer, like Inoksa, Oksial, Oftolik, Vizin pure tear, Hilo-Chest, Systemin-Ultra, Chilozar-Chest, Vidisik and Natural Tear. All these drops contain in the composition of different substances that create a protective film on the surface of the eyeball. It subsequently prevents the drying out of the eyes. Depending on their therapeutic properties, these drugs are applicable from 1 to 10 times a day.

Pay particular attention to the issueUse moisturizing eye drops when wearing soft contact lenses. There are drugs that can be instilled directly with lenses (Hilo-Komod, Oxyal, etc.), while others require the mandatory removal of lenses before direct application. And, to put them on again it will be possible only in 20 minutes after application of drops. Often there is an intolerance of components of drops of different severity (sometimes intolerance is not immediately noticeable, but later there are big problems). Therefore, before dripping the medicine for eye fatigue, it is necessary to visit a doctor-ophthalmologist. Then it will be necessary to repeat the visit in a month to assess the tolerability of this drug.

Attention! So widely advertised vasoconstrictive drug Vizin will not help your eyes to eliminate drying. These drops only eliminate redness itself, visually removing obvious signs of fatigue. If used for a long time, the drug is addictive, which can cause significant harm to the eyes. Vizin drops are used only as an "emergency cosmetic" for single use. Eye fatigue is helped by its modification - the drug Vizin is a pure tear that has a moisturizing effect.

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