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How to keep cabbage fresh

How to keep fresh cabbage in winter?
Cabbage is indispensable for the human body. There are many options for canning and cooking cabbage and ways to keep this healthy product fresh. If you want to keep cabbage in a fresh form, you need to remove it from the bed as late as possible, even before strong frosts come.

To do this, select the most elastic and denseHead, who do not have external injuries. Light heads, whose leaves are not located close to each other, quickly deteriorate and therefore are not suitable for long-term storage. If the leaves are loosely adhered to the surface of the head, they need to be removed. If possible, leave a few green leaves on the head. The main function of these leaves is to protect valuable white leaves from the negative impact of the storage environment.

Kocherzyzhku cut off under the base of the head, it is notShould protrude by more than one centimeter. Prepare the heads and put the cabbage in 3 layers, wrap in a household food wrap for products. Convenient film width of 30 or 40 cm. Before storing vegetables for storage, they must be dried for several hours. Then put the cabbage in the cellar. There are no special requirements for placing in the cellar heads. They can be expanded on existing shelves or suspended in grids.

The optimum temperature for storing cabbage,The temperature is considered, from plus 1 degree to plus 5 degrees, so it will least be rotted, and will not lose its useful properties. Depending on the area of ​​the cellar or the underground, you can choose a suitable option for storing cabbage. Effective is the way when the heads are hung upside down with the top green leaves with the roots left and a cob.

You can pour some dry sand into the basement andThis improvised "bed" with a cob to put the heads down, at a distance from each other. These methods, in the presence of the correct temperature regime and good ventilation, will be suitable for long-term storage of vegetables.

Once a month to inspect cabbage, and removeThe top decaying leaves, not to allow the center of defeat to spread to the whole head. After the spoiled leaves have been removed, wrap the cabbage and store it again. If several layers of cabbage have deteriorated, then it is no longer worth keeping such a head, but simply remove the spoiled leaves, rinse them and head for food. In spring, the procedure for inspecting cabbage and its rejection should be done at least 2 times a month.

Observing storage conditions, cabbage canStay year-round fresh until the new harvest. Long-ripening varieties are suitable for long-term storage. Cabbage can not be stored if the top leaves are frostbitten.

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