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Yellow discharge after delivery

After ten days of separation,Yellow-transparent and begin to "smudge." All this is the usual process of restoring the woman's organism after childbirth, which proceeds without complications. During this period it is very important to breastfeed, and also to empty the bladder in time, it is important to do to restore the uterus and promptly stop the discharge.

If on the fourth or fifth day of the allocation ofVagina have a greenish-yellow color or a rich yellow color, it is much worse, and if the discharge has a sharp unpleasant odor or a putrid smell, then this is cause for concern. Such discharges may indicate that inflammation occurs in the uterus or in the vagina of a woman. Moreover, such discharge is usually accompanied by a sharp increase in temperature, pains in the lower abdomen.

If after birth there are yellow discharge, thenShould immediately call the gynecologist to timely in the uterine cavity to identify the possibility of injury and endometritis. In some cases, the blood can resume or go purulent. In these cases, you should immediately contact your gynecologist. Remember, the baby needs a healthy mom! The gynecologist can direct on ultrasound of the small pelvis and send for the delivery of a bacteriological smear. Such symptoms may indicate that the contraction of the uterus is very slow, due to the fact that there were lochia in it. Stagnation is bad, if you do not call a gynecologist in a timely manner, it can cause inflammation.

Sometimes after birth, yellow discharge caused byEndometritis, do not begin immediately, but only after a few weeks. The earlier this happened, the harder the disease. Due to ruptures or trauma of the uterus during the birth process, the functional layer of the uterus becomes inflamed, which causes the formation of purulent secretions of yellow-green or yellow. More often such allocation have a purulent smell.

After it is mandatory for a womanWas diagnosed, she was prescribed immunity-strengthening drugs and antibiotics. Often, together with the drugs prescribed physiotherapy. In some cases, scraping is required, during which the uterine cavity is cleared from the scar-altered endometrium. In order not to bring the body to such a state, it is necessary to minimize the probability of endometritis - to avoid abortions and sexual infections, take care of oneself, take multivitamins, try to catch less, go in for sports, become tempered, visit the gynecologist twice a year. Due to the recommendations that the doctor prescribes, you can avoid the endometritis and associated yellow discharge in the future.

Basic rules of hygiene

The inguinal area after childbirth needs a specialHygiene, since the composition of lousy - scraps of the endometrium, lymph, blood clots are a favorable environment for the spread of bacteria. After childbirth throughout the period of excreta it is recommended to wash out after each bowel movement. Special postnatal pads should be changed at most after 3 hours, it is also recommended to change it after each bowel movement. To avoid allergic reactions and diaper rash, the skin of the inguinal area can be carefully dried. After giving birth, it is advised to wear cotton soft underwear, after all, after giving birth, it is very important that discharges freely flow to the gasket. After childbirth categorically it is impossible to syringe and use tampons, since there is a risk of infection.

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