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Signs of female alcoholism

  • Attraction to alcoholic beverages
  • Loss of control over the dose of alcoholic beverages
  • Absence of vomiting
  • Immunity to alcohol increases
  • Regular booze.

1st sign - attraction to alcoholic beverages

Usually they say - craving for alcohol. Those who often drink, denies this first sign, they say that they drink to relieve fatigue, during heavy stress, drink like everyone on holidays. There are many reasons, at first drink in a circle of friends, on big holidays, then drink, like all alcoholics. There are many reasons - a business trip to relax, an advance, the first salary, the end of the week and so on. And gradually a person can not without alcohol.

Behavior changes, while waiting for a drink, a woman changesNoticeably brightens, brightens up, tries to finish the job faster, in order to drink more quickly. She does not consider friends of alcoholics as such. It often suits a scandal if the husband reproaches her for drinking. She can not be convinced that alcohol harms a person. Most women who drink alcohol do not consider themselves alcoholics. Family responsibilities, children, family, work become a burden, they prevent her from drinking.

2-nd sign - loss of control over the dose of alcoholic beverages

This sign of alcoholism is present onThe course of the disease. The alcoholic woman does not stop at small doses of alcohol and can not limit the intake of alcohol. She promises her family that she will not get drunk, but forgets about her promises and quickly loses control. But as soon as she claims that she "knows her dose", when she takes a glass, she immediately gets drunk.

3rd sign - no vomiting

When a poison enters the human body,There is a reflex - vomiting. At first, the body tries to remove the poison from the body and while there is a protective mechanism, it protects, and therefore operates. But the more often it gets drunk, the weaker the alcoholic's protective reflex, and soon ceases to be called. A woman can get drunk to death, but she will not vomit. And when the vomiting reflex disappears, then her diagnosis is alcoholism.

4-th sign - increases immunity to alcohol

Often drinkers brag that they can drinkHalf a liter or a liter of vodka, but all this is not so. They think that this indicates that this woman has a strong liver and good health. And the more she consumes alcohol, the more she needs it to get intoxicated. If the dose has increased in comparison with the initial dose by 5 times, this indicates that domestic drunkenness has passed to the initial stage of alcoholism.

5th sign - regular booze

For the 1st stage of alcoholism - drinking once in aWeek, for other stages more often. At the first stage, because of a lack of money, control by a relative, small breaks are possible. If a woman regularly consumes alcohol, then in her body there are major changes. It is enough for her to drink alcohol for 5 years, so that a persistent alcohol dependence is formed. In addition, the symptoms of alcoholism are so rapid that the treatment of female alcoholism is complicated.

If you and your relatives fall into at least one of these signs, you need to sound an alarm. According to the US doctors, alcohol is considered a drug and is included in 20 dangerous drugs and ranks 5th.

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