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Features of female alcoholism

It is known that female alcoholism hasAdverse course and develops faster than men. Women quickly lose control over alcohol and alcohol tolerance is lower. The severity of a hangover in women and men is the same, but after it, women for a long time have mood swings and depression. In women, a state of intoxication is different. At the initial stage of alcoholism, they have self-flagellation, tearfulness, a depressed mood. The second stage of alcoholism lasts less than 5 years. Alcoholic psychosis in women is called hallucinosis.

Due to alcohol abuse in womenThere are social consequences. Their moral, social appearance, intellect is rapidly declining. From the alcoholism of women, psychological and biological barriers are protected. When they collapse, a moral fall occurs very quickly. This becomes noticeable in relation to children. And this disregard for the mother's duties is unnatural.

When you drink alcohol, the character changeswomen. Hysteria, aggression, nervousness increase, encephalopathy develops faster. After all this, a woman can not fully understand the disease and can not give up alcohol. They have excuses in which they deny that they have problems with alcohol, such as: "I can control drinking," "alcohol does not bother me," "I'm fine with alcohol". Then they make promises that they can stop drinking themselves, they are coded in the next month, each time until the last they tighten the address to the doctor.

Women are more dependent onAlcohol, which does not mean that female alcoholism will lead to degradation of the person faster. But women with alcoholic degradation are not so simple, it is more difficult for women to return to normal life, stop drinking. For women, the process of socialization is delayed, since in our society the attitude towards a woman to an alcoholic is much worse than for an alcoholic man.

Chances to get rid of alcoholism in women so muchThe same as for men. Both female and male alcoholism are treated equally - you need to completely abandon alcohol and reorient your consciousness. To avoid major problems in the future, you need to turn to a specialist in time. Modern medicine offers methods to combat alcoholism, they allow you to cope with alcohol dependence. Effectively, safely, quickly. And the prices for treatment are available to all.

The problem of female alcoholism is,That women themselves very rarely turn to a narcologist. Women alcoholics are heavily condemned and the woman until the last tries to hide the dependence on alcohol. A man alcoholic regret, help him to fight alcohol, but the woman has to fight without alcohol support.

But if a woman turns for help to a narcologist, she successfully gets rid of alcohol dependence and begins to enjoy life.

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