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Signs for easy and rapid delivery

There is a belief that the child's name should be kept secret until his birth. Even from ancient times it was believed that evil spirits, after learning the name of the child, would harm him and complicate his appearance in the world.

Most people's acceptances for easy, quick births have a logical rationale.

Signs from grandmothers

Conspiracy for easy labor

Women try to adhere to accept for easy and fast delivery.

There is a sign that to ease the pain during childbirth it is necessary to open windows and doors, cabinets, untie knots on belts and ropes. How to free the way a child to come to a new world of life.

In ancient times for the relief of pain, the woman was forced to chew her own scythe.

In order for the labor to pass easily to the parturient woman, it is recommended to stand on the support during the fights.

One should not tell anyone that the birth began, in order to avoid suffering for the souls of everyone who has learned about the childbirth that has begun.

The lit wedding candles before the icon, according to the beliefs, drive death.

For the rapid appearance of the baby, midwives poured the birth canal with sugar.

People's signs also say that the mother will love her child less if the birth is easy and fast. Although it is difficult to believe it! How can a mother love more or less than her child.

To ease the pain, the husband of the woman in childbirth should remove the shoes from her right foot and untie the belt, and also the husband should touch his wife's back with his knee.

In order for childbirth to be quick and easy, during the three days after sending the woman to the hospital, one should not take anything out of the house where she lives.

In the old days it was believed that if you pour a woman expecting a child, ice water from around the corner - it's "easy birth."

To give birth without pain, the pregnant woman shouldBite the crust of black bread, swallow it and say: Hlebushki, did Mother look at you? During his birth, bodily agony suffered? So I also have to look and torment at their birth does not tolerate.

To give birth quickly it is necessary to throw your veil and cross it several times.

To avoid premature birth, a pregnant woman should not raise her hands high when hanging clothes.

That the child is not entangled in the umbilical cord, notIt is recommended to knit or sew during pregnancy. What is associated with the node representation. It was believed that the knot tie the child out into the world. However, some pregnant women like to knit and sew and are skeptical about this.

The woman's belief in conspiracy words, signs and beliefs helps her psychologically during childbirth, and the moral support of relatives and beloved husband guarantees successful and easy births.

View of modern medicine for signs

Modern obstetrician-gynecologists, listening toSimilar reasonings of modern expectant mothers come to quiet horror and agree only that one should not step over obvious obstacles - for example, jumping through ditches and climbing through fences, which can provoke a divergence of the symphysis bones or simply lead to a trauma to the legs.

Is it worth it to burden a pregnant woman?Certain bans and believe in signs? Each future mother makes a decision on her own - to believe or not to believe, to observe or not to observe. In any case, in 9 months your baby will please you with his appearance and in your life there will come a new stage - upbringing and caring for your child.

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