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Ayurveda: Cleansing the body

For many centuries, Ayurveda has been used toOvercoming severe diseases, when traditional medicine was powerless, was used to rejuvenate, purify the body. The procedures that are used in Ayurveda help to activate self-healing processes in the body and help to relax. Treatment is based on essential oils enriched with herbs, special diet, motor therapy, on cleansing procedures.

Procedures for cleansing the body are the key to healthy longevity. It is quite difficult to completely remove slag - panchakarmu. We have to apply procedures that are close to our way of life.

Ayurveda suggests how best to dissolve slag

Apple cider vinegar is a good cleansing for the kidneys andLiver, acts on the lymphatic system, cleans the intestines of toxins. It is recommended on an empty stomach three times a day to take a tablespoon of vinegar. Instead of apple cider vinegar, it is good to use red currants, cranberries, cherries, melons, cabbages.

Lemon cleanses the pancreas, liver, lymphatic system, and blood. It is recommended to drink warm water with a grated lobule of lemon.

Sulphate oil is used to remove slags, but olive oil from grape seeds will do. This oil needs to be applied to the body, which helps to remove slags from systems and organs.

The oil is used for a massage session thatPerform in 4 hands. The purpose of this massage is to distribute energy in the human body for maximum harmony. Therefore, the left and right sides need to work simultaneously. This massage removes toxins, perfectly removes stress, mobilizes protective reactions of the body.

Ayurveda recommends once a week to do thisMassage with warm oil. At first, the head, then the neck, the face, the chest, the shoulders, the abdomen are massaged in a circular motion. The extremities are massed in the direction from top to bottom with longitudinal movements, the joints are massed by movements directed clockwise. After massage after 10 minutes, it is recommended to take a shower, without gels and soap.

A separate procedure for panchakarma will be the effect of oil on the third eye, which removes excitement well and normalizes blood pressure.

Familiar and wonderful method of purification is steamBath or bath. Due to the fact that our sebaceous glands work intensively, we can remove accumulated toxins through the pores. As a result of these procedures, the skin becomes silky and smooth, it achieves aches and joints, strengthens the immune system, and cleanses blood vessels well.

The present purification according to the laws of Ayurveda isClassical bath with brooms from birch buds. There is one thing: Ayurveda does not recommend heating your head, but in a Russian bath you cover your head with a thin cap made of felt.

Representatives of various schools of Oriental medicineArgue that with the help of the right massage you can get rid of many diseases. Today, procedures in beauty salons are suitable for relaxation and stress.

Who needs a salon Ayurveda? It is necessary to all. For those who want to find peace of mind and peace, try exotic ways and methods of caring for themselves and the body.

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