/ How to adjust the work of the intestine?

How to adjust the work of the intestine?

In the entire digestive system is about 7Kg of food consumed, which is at different stages of digestion and processing. As soon as the intestine starts to work badly, the body intensively begins to excrete the slag in other ways: through the skin along with sebaceous gland secretions and then, through the mucous membranes. A very unpleasant odor emanates from the mouth, the skin of the face is covered with blackheads and / or becomes ashy-gray, antiperspirants do not cope with sweat, the hair begins to fall out and / or gloss (this is because bulbs are poisoned with waste that is expelled from the body Through the skin). The whole body suffers from chronic intoxication: headaches appear, sleep deteriorates, appetite deteriorates, weakness and / or nausea are constantly felt, interest to communication and entertainment disappears, work starts to tire. Therefore, it is so important to establish the work of this body.

Establishment of the intestine is a complex matter, which requires strict adherence to the rules of regular and adequate nutrition. In order for the intestine to work in normal mode, it is necessary:

  • Supply the body with sufficient intakeLiquid. In a day you need to drink 2.5 liters of drinks. Drink liquid follows half an hour before meals or after meals. From soda it is better to refuse, and use of coffee to reduce to a minimum.
  • Eat 3 times (required). To adhere better than the following mode: 7: 00-9: 00 - have breakfast; 13: 00-15: 00 - we have lunch; 17: 00-19: 00 - We are having supper. From bakery products it is better to refuse, you will have to give up snacks during the day. In the diet must be a fiber. Food should be taken in a quiet environment, during meals, talk, read and watch TV is not recommended. Do not you have the habit of eating breakfast? Start your day with vegetables or fruits.
  • In the morning (as soon as you wake up) you should drinkA glass of water (warm), then you can drink coffee. Later it is recommended to drink juice (glass) or eat some fruit. Breakfast will be available in 20 minutes.
  • Water after eating is recommended to drink at least after 1,5-2 hours. Before dinner (20 minutes) you need to drink juice or eat fruit. Dine better porridge or vegetable dish.
  • Before dinner (for 20 minutes) it is recommended to eat fruit or drink juice. We dine with salad and protein product (animal protein can be replaced by vegetable protein).

If you fulfill these conditions, the work of the digestive tractIt is normalized for 5 days. In the presence of severe disturbances, prevention is recommended to be performed once a month. Carrying out such prevention, the transition to healthy food will happen easily.

The role of fiber in improving bowel function

To stimulate motor work of the intestineFiber is needed. Vegetable fibers are the helpers of the body for removing slags. They also clean the mucous membrane of the digestive system, thereby facilitating the life of the intestinal microflora. To the intestines work properly and not be lazy, he needs about 35 grams of fiber per day, but he gets only 12-15 grams, or even less.

Fiber is considered a carbohydrate, onlyNon-cleavable. Contained in vegetables, seeds, fruits, untreated grains of cereals, nuts. After getting into the body, it absorbs moisture along with the slags and fats, it all absorbs, and then removes. At the same time, the process of digestion accelerates, intestinal motility improves, cholesterol and excess sugar are eliminated, fermentation products, food remains, rotting products are also output. As a rule, the body is actively cleared, which leads to weight loss.

Kefir and bowel work

To stimulate the bowels in the morning or on theNight you can drink a glass of yogurt with vegetable oil (1 tsp). Kefir on the intestinal wall has an irritating effect, and the oil, in turn, stimulates the outflow of bile, as a result of which the normal operation of the intestine is stimulated.

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