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Infrared sauna: contraindications

Contraindications from infrared sauna

Wet and warm air inside the sauna makes it difficultBreathing and has a negative impact on people who suffer from cardiovascular diseases. If during the session the air temperature does not exceed 50 degrees, then the load on the heart is low, in this case, the restrictions are much less than in saunas and baths.

People who suffer from allergies and respiratory diseases are adversely affected by air itself, which is saturated with essential oils, they are emitted by some species of trees, for example, cedar.

Infrared radiation is converted into heat andHeats the blood and muscles of a person. There is another group of limitations connected with this: sympathy, autonomic dysfunctions, cerebral circulatory insufficiency, acute purulent-inflammatory diseases.

If you feel unwell, you need to be careful, consult a doctor, otherwise you will get harm from the infrared sauna.

When prescribing medicines, you need to consult a doctor, can they be taken and how will they affect the interaction with the thermal rays of the infrared sauna.

People with extensive fungal skin lesions or infectious diseases infrared sauna is contraindicated.

If you have recently suffered joint damage, do not heat them for the first 48 hours after the injury, and until the swelling and symptoms of fever are gone.

Surgical implants, artificial joints,Rods, metal dentures reflect infrared rays and are not heated by heat rays. It is necessary to consult a doctor, whether it is possible to use infrared radiation. But if you feel pain near the implants, then infrared radiation should be discontinued.

In women, heating the lower back duringThe menstrual period will increase discharge. If you expect this to happen, you can, as an experiment, afford a short exposure to radiation or, during menstruation, avoid the use of infrared radiation.

In pregnancy, the use ofsome infrared rays, but it is better to consult and get permission from a gynecologist. Infrared sauna in malignant tumors is strictly prohibited, it harms. And with such systemic blood diseases as leukemia, chronic and acute diseases that are in the acute stage are absolutely contraindicated.

Contraindications include: increasedfunction of the thyroid gland, severe forms of angina pectoris, heart failure above grade 2, diseases accompanied by bleeding, severe kidney and liver diseases with impaired functions, breast tumors (fibroadenoma, mastopathy).

All catarrhal diseases - influenza virus and ARIcan only become complicated if a person passes a session if he has a high body temperature. If there is no temperature or when the temperature is normal, then heating with infrared rays can help.

Infrared cure has useful properties,but you should not use it as a panacea for all diseases. Sometimes an infrared sauna in the treatment of diseases is an additional method, but it can not replace the medical treatment that the doctor prescribed. If you have any doubts whether it is possible to use an infrared sauna for your disease, then you need to consult a doctor.

There are no other contraindications. It must be remembered that when you visit the infrared sauna there should be an elementary care, and when you feel during the session an ailment, you must immediately stop the session.

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