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Activated charcoal in pregnancy

Causes of digestive disorders in pregnancy

Most digestive organs suffer fromProgesterone, which is produced in the body of a pregnant woman in large quantities. The physiological purpose of this female sex hormone is that it must suppress the contractile activity of the uterine muscles, thereby protecting the woman and the fetus from premature birth. Like any other hormone, progesterone is delivered to the uterus through the blood, and therefore can act on the muscles of other organs, including the intestines and stomach located next to the uterus. That's why pregnant women often suffer from constipation and heartburn. This leads to disruption of digestion, intestinal colic, bloating.

The action of activated carbon in the body of a pregnant woman

Activated carbon is an adsorbent thatMeans that various substances are deposited on its surface, which are then removed from the body. Activated charcoal is not absorbed in the intestine, which means it does not enter the bloodstream. If a woman during pregnancy had such feelings as abdominal pain and constipation, bloating, then do not take activated charcoal. He can only strengthen constipation. Remember that activated charcoal is dangerous to take with constipation, as this is fraught with intestinal obstruction. If a woman is prone to diarrhea, bloating, has an unstable stool, then you can use activated charcoal. The doctor can appoint him a short-term course, after which it will be necessary to restore the volume of natural microflora with the help of probiotics. Probiotics are medicinal products containing colonies of natural intestinal bacteria. With intestinal colic and severe bloating, you can take 2 tablets of activated charcoal, but you can not do it often.


Activated carbon binds not only harmful,But also many useful substances, removing them from the intestine. So remove the necessary fats, proteins, hormones, vitamins. With prolonged use of activated carbon, the body begins to feel the lack of these substances, which will negatively affect the body of the mother and baby. Particularly sensitive is the fetus, it just needs these substances for growth, development, the construction of tissues and organs. During pregnancy, women can be prescribed special medicines needed for the normal course of pregnancy, maintenance of the mother's body, etc. Simultaneous intake of these drugs with activated carbon will significantly reduce their effectiveness. This is due to the fact that coal adsorbs the drugs on its surface and removes them from the body without letting it suck in the blood. Remember that the interval between activated carbon and other preparations should be at least 3 hours.

Activated charcoal is contraindicated in peptic ulcer of the duodenum and stomach, with ulcerative processes in the intestine, with gastric and intestinal bleeding.

Schemes of application during pregnancy

Activated carbon tablets should be used inCarefully grinded, pouring water in a volume of 125 ml, that is half a cup. To avoid bloating, or even more so if it is present in a pregnant woman, activated charcoal should be taken 2 hours after each meal for 1-2 tablets.

However, remember that it is not necessary to engage inSelf-medication, especially in such a critical period of life as pregnancy. Ignorance can harm the body of a woman and a developing fetus. Women suffering from digestive tract disorders during pregnancy should consult a specialist who can correctly assess the situation, determine the diagnosis, prescribe an adequate treatment, and calculate the dosage. Then the pregnancy will not bring discomfort and will bring unforgettable impressions.

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