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Exit from childcare leave

To avoid unjustified conflicts withSuperiors, it is necessary to agree in advance with them the time when you will leave the maternity leave. Better, of course, in advance and in writing to warn the authorities that you want to go to work, interrupting maternity leave.

Usually the desire to interrupt maternity leave comesFrom a woman, this is her personal initiative. To get a job, a woman needs to write a statement in which she indicates that she wants to end the maternity leave and return to her work duties. The authorities express their consent in the following way: a visa is written on the woman's statement, which indicates that the woman can go to work. Personnel, referring to the statement, makes the necessary order to the necessary changes.

But it is worth considering that if a woman is not completelyShe went on a maternity leave, she has the right to go on vacation again (until her child is 3 years old) to raise a child. If a woman who went to work has the need to take advantage of the remaining time of maternity leave, she gives the employer a written statement indicating her desire. At the same time, the woman must necessarily retain the statement, confirmed by the employer. The saved statement is a guarantee that the woman on leave for caring for a child who is not three years old, will not be fired for a disciplinary offense, in other words, for absenteeism. Therefore, faced with this situation, you need to carefully draw up in writing any arrangements with the employer. It is desirable to have a copy of the document on hand, be it a statement or an order on which a visa is placed. After all, oral agreement has no legal force. Such an arrangement will exist just as much as the employer wants, but as soon as it becomes inconvenient for him to adhere to such an arrangement, he will forget about it.

As a rule, while the employee takes care ofThe child, while on vacation, another employee is employed in her place, with whom the employment contract is concluded. Usually in such an employment contract or order for admission to a certain position there is a clause in which it is said that the employee is recruited on a temporary basis.

Labor relations with a new employeeTerminate after the employee leaves the leave. It is worth noting that in a specific situation, the general rule that an employee should be warned in writing about the expiry of the employment contract three days before the termination is not effective. The termination of the employment agreement is indicated by the order or the order of the employer, after which a corresponding entry is made in the employee's work record book.

Usually the last day of work of an employee whoWorks under an employment contract and the employee's exit day, which was on vacation, coincide. As a rule, this should be reflected in the time sheet, which the employee is at work.

Recall to avoid conflict situations withSuperiors, you must always clearly state your own mode of work. It is necessary to coordinate with the authorities the time when you will come to work when you finish work. Remember, all these nuances should be spelled out in the relevant document (this can be a separate agreement, an attachment to an employment contract, a special order), and signed by the authorities. If such documents are not issued in your company, then on your application the manager must issue a visa and sign "I do not object".

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