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Sensation of a strong palpitations

If you experience heart palpitations, especially the first time, it can cause fear.

Effect of medications

A strong heartbeat is a feeling that the heart beats too fast and hard. Many factors can cause this condition, including drugs.

Many cough and cold medications contain stimulants that can cause a strong palpitation. Some herbal preparations also cause an increase in heart rate.

Some painkillers (hydroxycontinin, morphine) can also cause heart palpitations.


Sinus tachycardias are the result of influenceSympathetic nervous system. In essence, all the forms of the increase in cardiac contractions of a physiological nature are there: physical work, overheating, after eating, with nervous tension, etc., as well as forms of tachycardia with heart failure, fever, and increased thyroid function.

Severe sinus tachycardia is a manifestation of heart neurosis

Sinus tachycardias usually giveOnly frequent, but also strong blows. And this is understandable, because they are caused by an increase in the function of the sympathetic nervous device, which not only accelerates the development of impulses, but also enhances the activity of the heart. Subjectively, sinus tachycardias are manifested by the sensation of a strong palpitation. The apical impulse is usually strengthened, the tones are loud.

Substances that cause a strong heartbeat

The most common substance that causesA strong palpitation, is caffeine. Frequent use of beverages containing caffeine causes a feeling of rapid heartbeat. Some people complain of a strong heartbeat during the holidays, when they drink too much alcoholic beverages, especially red wine.

Heart palpitations caused by dyspnoea

Heart palpitations can be associated withShortness of breath. This usually means that the violation of the heart rate is significant. Symptoms of a strong palpitation should be evaluated by the patient's personal physician.

Sports and a strong heartbeat

Many people who deal with different types ofSports, including cycling, feel a strong palpitation. Especially this condition is observed during and after training. After sports, the natural level of adrenaline remains high for a certain time, and the heart rate starts to go down during rest. In this period, additional heart beats are observed, and sometimes their speed and frequency are higher than before training. If there are no other symptoms (shortness of breath, unpleasant sensations in the chest, dizziness), then there is no reason for serious concern.

A strong heartbeat may appear during fright, stress, or tension, but it gradually disappears. The feeling of rapid heartbeat can be provoked by the emotional state of a person.

Elimination of strong palpitations

Treatment of a strong palpitation depends on,How frequent and annoying it became for the patient. In such cases, it is necessary to start treatment in time with the necessary drugs. A doctor can try various medications in different doses to find the most effective treatment. A cardiologist will help to make a decision about the correct strategy for treating a particular problem individually for each patient.

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