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Homeopathy in the treatment of influenza

A little about the flu

Influenza is a viral infection that is transmittedAirborne droplets with an incubation period of up to three days. Symptoms of the disease are known to everyone: temperature, headache, body aches, chills, inflammation of the nasopharynx, etc. But not the flu itself is terrible, but its complications (meningitis, sinusitis, pneumonia, encephalitis, etc.). They certainly are not frequent, but if they happen, they are very dangerous for life. The flu is treated with various medications, but the constant "hunting" for the influenza virus and its treatment led to the fact that he simply stopped reacting to almost all the known medicines. The fact that the flu virus is able to mutate, that is, every season we get a new kind of virus, resistant to medications.

Homeopathy - what is it?

Recently, I received quite a lot ofSpread in getting rid of flu homeopathy. This method is based on increasing the work of the immune system, which helps to fight the virus. Homeopathic preparations consist of natural medicinal substances and minerals and it is considered that they are not dangerous, have no contraindications and are well tolerated, since the dose of active substances is negligible. Also, homeopathy is not contraindicated in pregnancy, as well as in the lactation period, except for preparations containing Colchicum - a component of plant origin. Homeopathic preparations are produced in different dosage forms. These can be dragees, ointments, creams, tablets, granules, drops, candles, caramels, as well as injections.

Flu treatment with homeopathy

Homeopathy in the treatment of the disease makes senseWith the proper diagnosis of the disease. And the sooner you contact a doctor, the faster and easier the treatment process will go. Treatment goes like this:

  1. Feeling unwell, immediately remember the symptoms.
  2. Visit a homeopathic doctor and describe yourCondition and onset of the disease. A homoeopathic doctor must carefully check all the symptoms of the patient (fever, fever, thirst, chills, fever, etc.) before prescribing the drug, in order to choose the right drug with one or another active substance.
  3. Accurately comply with the doctor's recommendations for taking the drug out of the flu.

Most often for the treatment of influenza, such drugs are used:

Actonite. Prescribed at the very beginning of the disease, which occurred sharply after a stay in dry cold air and accompanied by a fever, a frequent pulse, suffocating cough and respiratory disease.

Belladonna. Drink when a sudden occurrence of the disease at the very first stage. The disease is accompanied by fever, delirium, hot head, but at the same time, cold extremities, a disease of the tonsils and throat, and sensitivity to light.

Dulcamar. Apply if the disease began after a walk in the cold and humid air and is accompanied by chills, sweating after wrapping or warming.

Ferrum phosphoricum. Prescribed at the very beginning of the disease, when there are no symptoms other than temperature and blazing cheeks.

Homeopathic medicines for the treatment of influenzaHave necessarily adult form and nursery. The most famous children's drug is Anaferon. Accept homeopathic preparations, if there are no other prescriptions of the doctor, 3 dragees under the tongue every 4 hours, until there comes an improvement. Then reduce the dose. If this does not happen, you need to change the drug.

Whatever the indications for useHomeopathic medicines, it is necessary to avoid lack of sleep, mental overstrain and stress, which can prevent a quick recovery. Homeopathy is a fairly young and effective way to treat influenza, which increases its popularity.

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