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Benign breast tumors

Cells that are part of benignTumors, tend to unrestricted division and rapid growth. These tumors can be formed from virtually any tissue of the body, for example, from muscles, epithelial tissues, connective tissue. They are sufficiently well cured, their relapses can occur only if for any reason the tumor was not diagnosed in time or the treatment was not timely carried out and the tumor was started.

Types of benign breast tumors

Mastopathy Is a collective name for severalDozens of types of benign breast tumors that are similar in some ways. It is divided into diffuse and nodal. The nodal group includes such types of benign tumors as cysts, lipoma, fibroadenoma, intraprostatic papilloma. Mastopathy can be diagnosed in women of all age groups, the main part of patients is in the age range from thirty to fifty years. The cause of the development of tumors is considered to be violations of the hormonal balance. Manifestations of tumors become stronger before menstruation and decrease after. All types of tumors are treated by different methods.

Fibroadenoma Is a benign tumorBreasts. It grows slowly, clearly delineated, extremely rarely it can be plural. It looks like a moving ball. Can develop with chest injuries and hormonal imbalance. Diagnosed with ultrasound and mammography. Treatment is performed surgically.

Intra-flow papilloma - one of the types of nodal mastopathy. It is a benign tumor that appears in the area of ​​the ducts of the mammary glands. It can develop at any age, is diagnosed by unpleasant and painful sensations in the chest area and secretions from the nipple when squeezed (discharge may be transparent, bloody and brownish-green). The cause of its appearance is the violation of the hormonal balance. Can be either single or multiple. To help diagnose this tumor, canctography, that is, radiography, accompanied by the introduction of a contrast drug in the milk ducts. Treatment is performed promptly.

Breast cyst Is a kind of benign tumorThe mammary gland. This tumor is filled with a liquid component and is a fairly frequent disease. It is formed when the system of outflow of the secretion of the mammary glands is damaged so that a cavity appears in which liquid accumulates. Symptoms of this tumor is very small, it can be diagnosed only after a lot of research. The type of treatment is appointed depending on the size of the cyst reached.

Lipoma Is a benign tumor that manifests itselfRarely enough. It consists mainly of adipose tissue, it develops slowly. Pain symptoms are absent, as well as any other symptoms. In rare individual cases, it can go into sarcoma. Has a multiple form at which surgical treatment is performed.

The risk of developing one form or anotherA benign breast tumor in a woman, according to the most recent data, can reach sixty percent. Not every benign tumor leads to the appearance of cancer, but it must be remembered that modern medicine does not know why there are malignant and benign tumors and does not have precise information about which benign tumors can turn into malignant tumors.

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