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Treatment with tea tree oil

In Australia, tea tree oil is veryEffectively, it is always in each medicine cabinet. It has antiviral and anti-inflammatory properties and is an excellent antiseptic. It is used in massage formulations and inhalations for colds, with angina, cough, sinusitis, bronchitis, influenza. With the help of this oil, body temperature decreases, it also has wound-healing effects, strengthens immunity, neutralizes the action of poisons with insect bites, treats infections and skin burns - eczema, herpes, chicken pox.

Reduces heat

Tea with tea tree oil - for 200 ml of warm liquid we take 3 drops of oil.

Oil Treatment

Rubbing on the skin

From intense sweating, we will mix and weed 1 drop of rosemary oil, 2 drops of sage oil and 5 drops of tea tree oil.

Oil burner

Helps with asthma attacks and with bronchial asthma. Take 1 drop of rose oil, 1 drop of melissa oil, 1 drop of tea tree oil.

Means for hair

Enrich the shampoo, if we add to it 10 droplets for 1 time application. Also add to the conditioner, this will help those who have dandruff.

Acne Treatment Lotion

We take 60 ml of rose water, 25 ml of sage infusion, 15 drops of tea tree oil.

Lotion for oily and porous skin

In half a glass of warm water, we dissolve 12 drops of tea oil and use a lotion to clean the face.

With herpes, use a mixture of five ml of soybean oil and five drops of tea oil.


We conduct as follows, for this in a freshTea drop 5 drops of tea oil and cover the cup with palms, then exhale, remove your hands and inhale the formed steam, so repeat 5 times. Then we will do 10 nasal exhalations and inhalations.


Take 5 drops of tea tree, mix with 10 ml of honey or milk and let it into the water. The water temperature in the bath is 37 degrees, we take a bath for 20 minutes.

Treatment of barley

We make a steam bath for the face, for which 3 drops of tea oil drip into a hot bowl of water and soar over this compound face, no less than five minutes.

From insect bites

We will put a drop of tea tree oil in place from the bite of the insect.

Tea oil helps to get rid of our smaller brothers from fleas.

Tea tree oil relieves the fungus

Fungus is on the nails and feet. Rub in clean or diluted tea oil.
Baths for the feet - we take a handful of salt and a drop in10 drops of oil, mix thoroughly, put into hot water, stir, lower your legs and sit for 20 minutes. We repeat every day. In the foot cream, we add the tea tree oil. Within a week, the first results will be visible. But you need to know that treating the fungus with tea tree oil is a time-consuming process.

After recovery, do not forget about preventive procedures. They can be treated with small scratches, toothache, otitis, and this oil is capable of more.

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