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Aromatic oils for massage

Aromatic massage is doubly effective ifCombines the healing properties of essential oils and the therapeutic effect of aromatic massage. Skin covers contain a lot of nerve endings and the nervous system reacts first to the action of the massage, it adjusts the body to positive changes and then gives the entire body a signal.

Essential Oils

Apricot kernel oil is rich in minerals andVitamins, it is considered a universal oil for massage. It has a mild toning effect and a pleasant aroma. It is used to make a mixture of oils for anti-cellulite massage, as well as with aging, flabby skin of the body and face.

Jojoba oil

Universal oil that will suit everyoneType of skin. It does not leave a greasy shine on the body and is perfectly absorbed. Jojoba oil promotes growth, strengthens the hair, it improves the skin condition and is used to massage the scalp.

Almond Oil

Used for face massage, it works wellOn the skin around the eyes. A mixture of massage oils based on almonds is suitable for massage of the scalp and hair, with split ends, brittle hair and high fat content. When massaging the body, almond oil fights against cellulite. In addition, almond oil is used for sprains.

Grape seed oil

This oil is used for cellulite, itsRecommend those who have problem or oily skin. Useful properties of this oil is that it smooths wrinkles, gives elasticity to the skin and perfectly moisturizes the skin. This oil is popular in the summer season, when the sun's rays dry the skin.

Macadamia oil

This oil is used for aromatic massageBody, it softens, smoothes and nourishes the skin. Use it for massage with dry hair, especially those that are often stained, with brittle hair. Macadamia oil is considered hypoallergenic, it is suitable for everyone, except those who have an allergy to nuts.

Shea Butter

This oil is used for aging and matureSkin, as well as with anti-cellulite massage. It is mainly used as a therapeutic oil for rheumatism and joint pain. This oil has a light sunscreen effect, the most valuable oil in the summer.

Coconut oil

This oil protects the skin from the negative effects of the environment, has a moisturizing effect. It is used for massage of hands and feet, with cracks and with the problem of peeling of the skin.

The most effective is a mixture of oils forAromatic massage, then their combination will give a bright therapeutic effect. If you mix oils, this will only enhance their effect, but it is better to buy a complex mixture in an already ready-made form. If the aromatic massage is performed regularly, then you need to remember that it is recommended to alternate the oils every 3 weeks. Specialists in the field of Oriental medicine assure that correctly selecting essential oils, you can get rid of all diseases and various imperfections.


With great care when you need a massageTreat with high blood pressure and with heart problems. This massage is prohibited for those who underwent surgery for heart or heart attack, with thrombophlebitis and oncological diseases. Aromatic massage can not be done for children under 5 years old and pregnant women. And in order not to provoke an allergic reaction, you need to make a test for the tolerability of all components before applying the new essential oil.

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