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Complex food additives

Nutritional Supplements Benefits and Benefits

These components are used in the territory of the Russian Federation, theyComply with generally accepted standards of sanitation, hygiene, international standards of nutrition. They are mainly used in the production of cheeses, soy products, ketchup and mayonnaise, various sauces, semi-finished products, meat products, and in various food products. Some food additives are actively used not only in the food industry, but also in optics, dentistry, medicine and other spheres of human activity.

Nutritional supplements were then actively used andDeveloped when conventional brines do not satisfy the quality of the products and the required conditions. The purpose of their application was one, and the results are different. Complex supplements are much better than themselves. Those and others served: improving the consumer qualities and properties of meat and other products, as well as improving the payback of production. The product retains moisture, improves the taste and color of the product, which means that the meat remains delicious, tender and juicy for the consumer. This has a positive effect on the heat treatment, transportation and storage of food.

Before there were complex foodAdditives, injections, brines and specially prepared solutions for meat and other food products were used. But they had some drawbacks. Some components were difficult to dissolve in saline cold solution. All this led to the appearance of sediment at the bottom of the production capacity and to inefficient use of the brine.

Ways have been found how to prevent precipitation,But these methods were not good enough. Some needed additional financial investments, in other cases it was necessary to use stabilizers and thickeners, they increased the viscosity and slipperiness of finished products, besides, they reduced their attractiveness. Therefore, when flavoring food and flavor additives were introduced and developed in the production process, they came in time and by the way.

In them there are no drawbacks, which are in brines, andThey have many advantages. Among them - a high ability to retain moisture, increase the weight of the finished product, no delamination, resistance to hard water, exclusion of massaging products in the production, improve the taste of food and other advantages.

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