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Protein in the urine during pregnancy

In the event that the kidneys do not cope with thisFunction due to the appearance of any inflammatory processes in the urogenital system, then in the urine of a woman there may be a protein. Foci of inflammation may appear due to careless treatment of their body, and may be the result of any chronic diseases that occurred before pregnancy. Also, the presence of a quantity of protein in the urine, which is significantly higher than the norm, may be a symptom of the appearance (or exacerbation of already present) diseases, such as pyelonephritis, cystitis, glomerulonephritis.

A condition in which an elevatedThe protein content in the urine, in medicine is called proteinuria. If a high level of protein was detected during the next medical examination and the study of the results of the urinalysis, then it will be necessary to conduct the corresponding studies regularly several more times. This will allow us to understand the dynamics of the process of increasing the amount of protein in the urine and determine whether it was a single event or has a permanent Character. In some cases it happens that the increase in protein was a single event: the cause of this can be psychological stress, the taking of some medications, especially if before that in the diet of a pregnant woman there were foods rich in protein.

To provoke the development of proteinuria in the periodPregnancy can and diseases of a certain kind. Such diseases are hypertension, infection of the excretory pathways or kidneys, diabetes mellitus, cardiac congestive failure, polycystic kidney disease. However, the most dangerous condition, in which there is an increased protein content in the blood, doctors consider gestosis. This pathology is typical only for pregnant women, after birth, it disappears without a trace. One of the dangerous properties of gestosis is that the pregnant woman may not even suspect its presence without feeling any changes in her body. The appearance of protein in the urine during pregnancy is almost the only evidence of this threatening condition.

Gestosis is a pathology of the kidneys, withWhich breaks the function of the placenta: it not only ceases to protect the baby from various negative effects, but also becomes unable to deliver the embryo necessary oxygen and nutrients to the fetus. In neglected form, gestosis can result in pathologies in child development, premature birth or even the birth of a dead child.

Also symptoms of gestosis, in addition to increasedLevel of protein in the urine, you can consider the appearance of edema and high blood pressure. Most often, gestosis requires prompt medical intervention: a woman is sent to inpatient treatment, where she will be followed by constant surveillance. When diagnosing gestosis in later periods, even the stimulation of premature birth may be necessary - in some cases, only this step can save the lives of the mother and the child.

However, do not panic if a protein is foundIn urine - this can be considered an alarming sign only on the condition that the diagnosis was performed several times, and each time the analysis was carried out together with monitoring the blood pressure indicator, before passing the urine for analysis the woman performed an external toilet of external genital organs and dishes, in Which contained a urine sample, was guaranteed to be clean and did not interfere with the analysis.

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