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Maternity leave for students

Academic leave helps a student prepare forBirth of a baby, without worrying about exams and tests. This break in training is established by law. A break for up to 3 years allows you to give the child born and a maximum time. After the child grows up, it will be possible to resume studies in the direction that was chosen. Completed education for a young mother is very important, because without education you can not build a career, but the birth of a baby is also a moment of special importance. Academic leave for a while allows you to distract from the learning process and devote yourself to the child, while the opportunity to return to school remains.

In order to get an academic leaveIt is necessary to apply to the educational part of the secondary vocational educational institution, university. To give you an academic vacation, you will have to collect and submit some documents. It will be necessary to write a request for permission to take an academic leave, attach a supporting document to the application - from a women's consultation to take a medical report. On the basis of the documents provided, academic leave is granted. Presented documents are transferred to the training part, where they are examined at a special meeting of the department. A student's leave is granted according to the results of the meeting. After the decision has been made, an order is issued to grant leave. The order specifies the period for which the student is released from school. At the end of the granted academic leave, a young mother-student can resume her studies. As a rule, a student can be on academic leave from 1 to 3 years. But the application for academic leave is first written for 1.5 years, after which it is prolonged for another 1.5 years if necessary. To continue education, after the Academic leave, you must provide a number of documents and write a statement.


Non-working female full-time female studentsEducational institutions pay a grant in the amount of scholarships, regardless of whether they pay tuition or not. To receive the allowance for the bearing and birth of a child, the mother student must apply to the educational department of her educational institution.

In the Federal Law "On State. Allowances to citizens "it is said that the following persons can receive the allowance for the care of a baby born before the age of 1.5: one of the parents, a relative, a guardian who cares for the child.

To receive a childcare allowance for children under the age of 1.5, a young mother must submit to the social services. Protection of the necessary list of documents. Such as:

  • The application, in which the request is indicated, grant leave for caring for the baby, until it turns 1.5 years old;
  • Application for monthly benefit;
  • A certificate stating that the second parent does not receive the allowance;
  • A copy of the child's birth certificate;
  • A copy of the order for the provision of academic leave (taken at an educational institution);
  • A copy of the passport of the parent who will receive the allowance every month.

Mothers-students of full-time department monthlyThe benefit is paid from the funds of the FSS of Russia, which are allocated to the educational institution in the established order. The allowance is calculated on the basis of the application of the mother-student (or the second parent) and the decision of the educational institution to grant academic leave. If the young mother continues to study in day time, then she will still receive a childcare allowance. It does not matter whether the mother had the right to receive a scholarship before the birth of the child or not. This restriction was excluded from the law in 2007. After the mother-student finishes studying at an educational institution, the care grant is paid by the social authorities. Protection of the population. The allowance is given by the mother at the place of residence. That is, while you are studying at a university, the grant is paid by the institution. If the university graduated, and the child has not yet reached the age of 1.5, the benefit is paid by the employee.

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