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Non-alcoholic beer during pregnancy

First of all, it is necessary to understand what is non-alcoholic beer itself and by what parameters it differs from usual (except for the absence of degrees)?

Alcohol in beer is obtained naturally as a result of the activity of brewer's yeast fermenting malt sugar (maltose) into ethyl alcohol.

To produce non-alcoholic beer, several methods are used:

  • Suppression of fermentation. This is possible with the use of special yeast, which during the reaction does not emit ethyl alcohol, or when the fermentation process stops at an early stage, while the alcohol content in the product is minimal. Usually the taste of this beer differs significantly from the usual one and it contains a lot of sugar (because it was not processed by yeast), which is not very useful for the mother organism.
  • Removal of alcohol from the final product. Since the boiling point of the alcohol is low enough, it is easily evaporated from the finished beer. However, in this case, its taste is not similar to the usual - this beer has a boiled flavor. Thus, this beer can be drunk with pregnant women, but you can hardly enjoy it, and the desire to drink ordinary beer will not go anywhere.

However, many people consumeNon-alcoholic beer and say that it tastes almost identical to the usual one. What's the matter? As you can easily guess, this effect is achieved using beer concentrates or flavors, and to keep these substances stored in beer longer, add preservatives. Which is hardly useful not only for pregnant women, but for everyone in general.

Also, not so long ago there was a technologyProduction of beer containing a minimum of alcohol. This is the so-called membrane technology. Beer produced using this technology is real beer, but containing a very small percentage of alcohol, only about half a percent. Only beer made with this technology can be considered an adequate substitute for the traditional one - it has a flavor and taste that are completely identical to the usual beer. But how to distinguish beer, welded by this technology, from others?

First of all, you need to look at the compositionDrink. If it contains anything other than malt, yeast, water and hops, then this beer was made using a variety of "chemicals" and it is unlikely that it should be used, especially during pregnancy.

Also one of the acceptable options is allAlso drink some traditional beer. It may happen that you do not need more, especially since it is safer to drink one or two times a little bit a month than to drink by what technology the beer produced is not known.

It is highly not recommended to drink beer of any kind to those who have kidney problems or a tendency to swelling, as it can greatly exacerbate the problem.

If the kidney problems were not previously observed,Then you can drink beer (although still it is not recommended by doctors). By the way, in some cases, doctors recommend pregnant women sometimes take a glass of red wine.

Of course, it is necessary to remember the main thing in nutritionThe rule that everything can be useful, but only if consumed in moderation! There is an opinion that the human body in general, and the pregnant woman in particular, can determine what it lacks, so supporters of this opinion argue that if you want, you can. However, in any case, in order to avoid possible negative consequences, it is better to consult with a doctor before drinking beer.

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