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How to store red caviar

Utility of caviar

Red caviar is obtained by catching fish of the familySalmonids. These include pink salmon, chinook salmon, sockeye salmon, salmon, etc. The value of caviar is very high. Since the eggs are the future male, it is not difficult to guess that the caviar contains a lot of nutrients, so necessary for the development of the fish. Almost a third of the composition of caviar is protein, 13% is fats, and 50% is lecithin. Caviar also includes manganese, zinc, phosphorus, calcium, silicon, iron, iodine, sodium, potassium, magnesium. Vitamins in caviar contain vitamins A, B, D, E. Also in caviar contains folic acid, which helps in the proper development of the fetus in the womb of the mother. Among other things, caviar is very often recommended to people who have very low hemoglobin.

How to store caviar

How to store caviar is not known to every hostess. Strictly speaking, what is the difficulty? In fact, the wrong storage of caviar will spoil it.

To begin with, what to buy caviar for future use, and even inA lot is not desirable. The fact is that with prolonged storage, caviar loses its taste qualities and it will not be so tasty. It is better to buy one or two cans of caviar and either eat immediately, or put in a refrigerator, but for a short time.

When storing a closed jar of eggs, you need to remember that the ideal temperature for storage will be from -4 to -6 ° C. Store eggs in a closed tin can be no more than a year and in the refrigerator.

But you understand perfectly well that the refrigerator is notCan fulfill such conditions - in the freezer the temperature is much lower. In the refrigerator is maintained a plus temperature, albeit the lowest. Therefore, to get a little closer to the ideal temperature, it is recommended to store caviar either in a pan (if you have a Soviet-made refrigerator), or on the shelf closest to the freezer.

If you have to postpone an open bank withCaviar, then it should also be placed in the refrigerator to the place where the coldest place, but beforehand it is necessary to shift the eggs into glass containers and cover with food film. In the refrigerator, open caviar can be stored no more than three days. In his native container, i.е. Tin, can not leave eggs, because there will be oxidation, which can lead to poisoning.

Sometimes mistresses are wondering whether it is possible toTo store red gold frozen? The answer is simple - you can not. When the caviar is frozen, eggs are destroyed, and as a result, you will get a formless porridge. And paying a lot of money for future porridge is unreasonable.

Red caviar is a very useful product and it is not necessary to postpone its use. It is better to take a spoon and eat with pleasure.

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