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Frozen pregnancy in the early stages

What are the causes of a stiffened pregnancy on a short term

Causes of a pregnant pregnancy in a woman at an early ageThe timing may be different. This can happen due to genetic changes in the fetus, because of the harmful habits of pregnant women, because of exacerbations of infectious diseases, etc.

One of the reasons for the stagnant pregnancy in a woman -This is a violation of the hormonal background, in most cases, the lack of a hormone of progesterone. If a woman already had such a pregnancy in her medical history, a miscarriage, often there are delays in menstruation, there is increased hairiness, then before planning pregnancy, it is recommended for a woman to pass the necessary tests to hormones. If necessary, then you need to undergo special treatment - this will reduce the risk of fetal death in the future.

Also, often a frozen pregnancy in the primaryThe stage of pregnancy happens because of all sorts of infections. Especially dangerous is infection by a woman during pregnancy. For example, infection with rubella, chicken pox can occur not only frozen pregnancy, but also there may be anomalies in the development of the fetus. In case of unexpected pregnancy, a specialist prescribes an antiviral course of treatment, in order to avoid a frozen pregnancy.

The most common cause of stiff pregnancyAre genetic disorders in the fetus. Nature itself hinders the development of a "sick" embryo - it dies. In the event that the parents are healthy, the probability is high that the frozen pregnancy will not happen again.

What are the symptoms and diagnosis of a dead pregnancy in the early stages?

In the early stages of a frozen pregnancy, toUnfortunately, it can not be manifested in any way. But after a while a woman may have severe pain and blood smearing discharge. Usually, such symptoms occur when the ovary is detached from the fetus, with a beginning miscarriage.

Also to the symptoms of embryo death (frozenPregnancy) at an early stage, you can include a cessation, and a sharp, toxicosis (if it was). The basal temperature may decrease, the painful sensations of the mammary glands may stop. In most cases, such symptoms do not go unnoticed by a woman.

Fetal pregnancy at smallTerms in three ways. This is an examination of a gynecologist, an ultrasound examination and a blood test for HCG. The level of hCG in a frozen pregnancy is lower than it should be in the normal course of pregnancy. During the ultrasound, the fetus lacks a heartbeat. When gynecological examination there is a discrepancy between the size of the uterus and the period of pregnancy.

It is necessary to know that the symptoms of a frozen pregnancy -This is not 100% certainty, as they are individual for each woman. An accurate diagnosis can be made only after medical research.

Frozen pregnancy in any caseEnds with the cleaning of the uterine cavity in medical institutions. At the earliest possible times, vacuum aspiration is sometimes performed, or miscarriage is caused by special medications. In some cases, in the early stages of a frozen pregnancy, specialists take a wait-and-see attitude - they expect spontaneous miscarriage of a woman. In case this does not happen, then curettage is carried out, scraping the uterine cavity. Also scraping is carried out if the results of ultrasound are diagnosed in the uterus of the remains of the fetal egg.

To a woman during pregnancy planningIt is necessary to abandon all sorts of bad habits, because in the early stages of the risk of frozen pregnancy is particularly high. Also during this period, you should stop taking medication without the permission of a specialist. The embryo to teratogenic action is very susceptible. But it can be noted that at very early stages - up to 10 days of pregnancy, medications are unlikely to cause death of the embryo, since in this period there is still no close connection between the fetus and the mother. Also after 8 weeks of an interesting situation, the fruit partially protects the placenta from teratogenic effects.

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