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Intestinal flu in pregnancy

The main prevention of rotavirus infection inPeriod of pregnancy - careful attention to one's lifestyle, nutrition, environment. Be sure to keep track of what and how you eat or drink, wash your hands several times a day (especially after a toilet and travel in public transport), reduce contacts with other people if possible.

Diagnosis and threat to the fetus

Pregnant women are quite difficult on timeTo detect intestinal flu. Symptoms are often "masked" for toxicosis of pregnant women and other conditions. Usually rotavirus infection does not pose a serious threat to the fetus, because the virus affects the intestine of a woman, and does not have any effect on the fetus. The main threat of rotavirus for a woman in the situation is the threat of dehydration and weakening of the body. This can already affect the baby. For example, dehydration can lead to a lack of oxygen in the fetus, lead to miscarriage or premature birth. In extremely rare cases, this can even lead to death.


The disease, of course, is unsafe, but frightenedIn advance it is not necessary. All these troubles can simply be avoided by initiating timely therapy for rotavirus infection during pregnancy. The initial symptoms of intestinal flu in a pregnant woman are no different from the symptoms that accompany rotavirus in other cases. The main symptoms are diarrhea, nausea with vomiting, severe pain in the abdomen, an increase in the body's overall temperature. All these conditions, with timely and proper treatment, gradually subside after 3-4 days. In any case, the treatment of rotavirus infection should be taken as soon as possible.


The use of some special antibioticsIllness during pregnancy usually does not involve, although they can be prescribed by the doctor in some cases. The main thing for the first manifestations of intestinal flu is to fill the lost fluid in the body to avoid dehydration. It will take bed rest, general peace, in parallel - you need to drink abundantly mineral water without gas, fruit drinks, compotes. It will also be useful to use a solution of electrolytes, rehydration drugs, which are sold in a pharmacy. With a significant increase in basal temperature will have to resort to taking antipyretics. Reduce the temperature can also be physical methods - use compresses or wiping with water. Compresses in the form of gauze, moistened with a weak vinegar solution, are applied to the forehead, hands and ankles.

To quickly remove the infection from the body,Astringents and absorbents will also be needed. The doctor will tell you which of them is best for you. For pregnant women, the best adsorbent is activated charcoal. Polysorb or smect is also allowed. It may also be necessary to use enzyme preparations, since their own enzymes with rotavirus infection are usually not enough to digest food. Also, pregnant women are shown the use of lactobacilli, which restore the intestinal microflora.


With rotavirus infection to a pregnant womanWill have to follow a special diet. It will be necessary to exclude foods that irritate the intestines from the diet. Preference should be given to gentle and soft diet. Dairy products, fatty, fried and salty dishes, fresh fruits and vegetables, confectionery and all kinds of sweets are completely excluded. The presence in the diet of mucous porridge on the water, stewed and wiped vegetables, mashed potatoes, rice broth, jelly, unsweetened dry biscuits is encouraged.

If the issue of eliminating rotavirus is approachedCorrectly, the prognosis for a pregnant woman will be favorable. Symptoms go through therapy (this may take up to 5 days). The general well-being of a woman will improve, and the baby will remain safe, without experiencing the influence of the poor state of health of its sick mother.

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