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Insomnia during pregnancy

It is worth noting that sleep disorders canArise already in the first weeks of pregnancy. According to some experts, this condition, however, like the state of drowsiness, is an early sign of pregnancy and the reason for this is hormonal changes. However, more often than not, insomnia begins to torment women in the third trimester of pregnancy. As the statistics show, about 78 percent of pregnant women have difficulty sleeping with pregnancy, while at least 97 percent of women suffer from insomnia in the third trimester.

Causes of insomnia in pregnancy

The reasons for this state can be both psychological and physiological.

Psychological reasons:

  • Nightmares
  • Mental overstrain during the day
  • Excitement due to forthcoming births

Physiological causes:

  • Night cramps
  • Heartburn or heaviness in the stomach
  • The stuffiness in the bedroom
  • Frequent urination in the toilet
  • Back pain
  • Inconvenient position

How can you cope with insomnia during pregnancy?

The first thing to do is installmode. It is necessary to go to bed and wake up at about the same time. This way you can adjust your biological clock. Rapid falling asleep can help warm milk. It is better to drink an incomplete glass of milk, so as not to get up at night to the toilet, otherwise you will again have to struggle with insomnia again.

A pregnant woman should monitor her diet. A woman needs to reduce beverages and foods containing caffeine, especially six hours before bedtime. Caffeine is found in products such as coffee, energy drinks, tea (including green tea), chocolate, cola.

Before going to bed, you should not eatSpicy and fatty foods, otherwise at night can torment heartburn or indigestion of the stomach. Although a pregnant woman needs to monitor the use of water to avoid dehydration, but in the evenings it's better to keep drinks to a minimum, then night trips to the toilet are unlikely to torment a woman.

Another important point is relaxation. You can try to take a warm bath. Relaxation will also be facilitated by massage, listening to calm and quiet music, yoga.

To help to establish a sleep sometimes helps also the study of relaxation techniques in childbirth. In addition, such exercises, if carried out continuously, will prepare a woman for childbirth.

Do not forget about the surrounding atmosphere. In the bedroom there should be no TV, computer or telephone. The bedroom should be a place to sleep or have sex.

Before going to bed, it is worthwhile to understand whether it is comfortableTemperature in the bedroom. Maybe the bedroom is not quiet enough or too light? If noise prevents, then you can use ear plugs, and from excess light, you can save the curtains and mask.

For a good sleep, it is also worth removing the clock from the bedroom, as the ticking hands of the clock will interfere with the arrival of sleep.

If a good sleep prevents an awkward positionBody, then you can use pillows. Pillows can be put so that to support the stomach and back. It is better to sleep on the left side, for better supply of blood and nutrients to the baby.

And most importantly - worry about insomnia notIt will only aggravate the situation. If within 30 minutes and you can not fall asleep, you can walk around the room, listen to music or read a book until you begin to sleep.

And, of course, during pregnancy you do not need to take sleeping pills. To solve the problem, it is better to consult a doctor.

It is worth noting that sometimes insomnia is one of the many signs of depression.

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