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Callanetics during pregnancy

Many pregnant women are wary ofExercise. This is explained by the fear of harming your child, because exercises in callanetics, during pregnancy, should be selected with extreme caution, individually with a leading specialist and a doctor. During pregnancy, not complicated by contraindications and the threat of miscarriage, specialists only welcome the practice of callanetics. A special complex of exercises, which is selected for the future mother individually, is safe and will only benefit the mother and child.

After a visit to the doctor and passing the requiredExamination, from the first weeks of pregnancy, you can already start classes callanetics. In the first trimester of pregnancy, a set of exercises the instructor selects, depending on how much the woman was physically developed before the onset of pregnancy, on her health. Practicing exercises is recommended throughout the whole interesting situation, in the third trimester exercises are already assigned lighter, so as not to harm the baby. Certainly, with the help of special exercises, a pregnant woman underwent an excellent preparation for the forthcoming birth, since the exercises are chosen precisely to strengthen those muscles that are most involved in a woman during childbirth. In addition, the muscles of the pregnant woman are strengthened, which help the woman to bear the baby more easily.

What you need to know the future mother, to start studying callanetics

To begin the studies, the future mother must choose the right clothes for training. Clothes should be made of natural fabric, free, so as not to hamper the movement, do not rub anywhere.

It is necessary to expect a woman of her strength. Often pregnant women are taken to practice callanetics with a special "zeal". You can not try to do the exercises abruptly, trying to do everything at once, because during pregnancy the female body experiences strong changes. The key to safe exercise during pregnancy is body training without causing any harm to the child.

Also, the future mother, embarking on studiesCallanetics, you should know that you should not put too much stress on the joints. During pregnancy, the ligaments of a woman become weaker, thanks to hormones. Because of this, the joints are more prone to damage and stretching, which is highly undesirable for the expectant mother.

Going to practice, you need to take a drink with you. During pregnancy, the intake of water and energy is needed constantly during exercise to avoid fatigue and dehydration.

Also, the basic requirements before starting to perform physical exercises and after finishing them are warm-up and cooling. It is especially necessary for a pregnant woman.

Experts should gradually reduce the loadFor a woman with the growth of a future child. This is because a woman will eventually become more difficult to perform normal exercises. Also, the growing uterus and toddler need a larger inflow of blood, therefore, the heart begins to work harder and the blood supply reserve decreases for the muscles.

Callanetics for pregnant women is an excellent way to improve your well-being and prepare for the birth of your baby.

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