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Are frozen vegetables useful?

With the proper freezing, the vegetables preserve everythingTheir nutrients, such as those found in fresh vegetables. This applies to those products that are frozen "fresh", right from the garden. Less useful substances are stored in products that are imported from other countries, processed for better preservation during transportation, and then frozen.

If the way to freeze vegetables is quick, it givesFull guarantee of the benefits of such vegetables for health, even if they are frozen for a long time. The main way to freeze is the principle of quick freezing. When vegetables are quickly frozen, the temperature of the product decreases from the surface to the core. This turns the juice of vegetables into small ice crystals. When freezing vegetables, and now that season, you need to know that the temperature in the freezer should be kept constant. If the temperature is constant, the ice crystals are uniformly formed in the vegetable cells and the fiber structure is not destroyed. The faster the vegetables freeze, the less damage the fibers will get.

You also need to know that to make frozen vegetablesPreserved all their vitamins and minerals, which we so need in the winter and spring period, it is necessary to properly pack them in the freezer. Namely, it is necessary to pack the vegetables in packages or in special containers so that a minimum amount of air remains in them. It should be noted that it is necessary to freeze vegetables only once - during thawing they significantly lose their useful qualities. Also, when the season comes and you want to cook frozen vegetables, you can not defrost them beforehand, rinse them with water and put them in a microwave oven. From this, the usefulness of vegetables is also lost. When cooking, a dish of frozen vegetables should be taken immediately from the freezer, placed in a saucepan, pressure cooker and so on.

If you buy frozen vegetablesPackages in the store, you should pay attention that the package is not softened (it is not known how many times the package with vegetables was defrosted). You should also pay attention to the appearance of vegetables. In order to maximize the benefits of vegetables, they must crumble in the package. If you buy frozen vegetables, in the form of a briquette or coma, then this product has been thawed repeatedly. Harm from such vegetables you do not get, but the benefit will be the most minimal.

Now is the season when vegetables can be frozen. With all the technological rules of freezing, from vegetables, you will receive a full set of vitamins, microelements and other useful substances.

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