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Pregnancy and colds

Often the cold begins suddenly with a generalGood health. Body temperature rises to high values. Typical manifestations are sore throat, cough, runny nose, dryness of mucous throat and nose. There is a strong intoxication, which is accompanied by general weakness, headaches, fast fatigue, chills, aching joints and muscles, fever.

In addition, a pregnant woman may have a severe runny nose, dry cough and even development of swelling of the mucous throat and nose, which greatly impedes breathing.

The baby in the womb is very susceptible toChanges that occur with the health of the mother, including the infectious disease of the pregnant woman. Negative effects of colds are especially dangerous in the first two months of pregnancy and the development of the child can be affected by such complications as:

  • Violations of uteroplacental blood circulation, which can cause fetal hypoxia, that is, lack of oxygen;
  • Hemorrhage in the fetus, which often provokes spontaneous abortion;
  • Delayed development and growth of the fetus.

In this regard, in the case of a coldA pregnant woman must necessarily consult a doctor and undergo treatment. The ideal option is not to get sick during pregnancy at all. Before you start any treatment for a cold, you need to see a doctor who must take into account all the characteristics of the woman's body, the course of pregnancy and prescribe adequate treatment.

It is generally known that the disease is easier to prevent,Than then to treat. In this regard, it is important to take preventive measures in order to stimulate and strengthen the protective mechanisms of the body even before pregnancy, with its planning, and then during the period of pregnancy.

Prevention of cold includes such activities as, for example, vaccination, stimulation of protective reactions of the body of a woman, etc.

In the event that measures to prevent viral infectionsWas not enough and the pregnant woman did catch a cold, you should follow some rules that reduce the likelihood of complications from infection. First, the woman must necessarily be put in bed and before the doctor comes to bed, in whatever cheerful state of health she was not. Secondly, do not immediately resort to self-treatment, but you need to call a doctor. Only he can really assess the degree of danger of the common cold and prescribe adequate treatment. Thirdly, remember that the treatment of colds is based on rest and rest. In the treatment of viral infections an important role is played by sleep. Sometimes there is a need for a 12-hour dream. Also, in no case can you let dehydration of the body, should drink a lot during illness, in order to compensate for the water of the organism lost during the runny nose and sweating. Drinking plenty of water will help to get rid of the feeling of stuffiness in the nose and chest. If the condition of a woman worsens, shortness of breath, shortness of heart, high fever, an ambulance should be called for immediately.

During the illness it is recommended to drink herbal teas and infusions. But during pregnancy, they should be used with caution, not all herbs are allowed in this period.

Remember that early correct treatment of colds is less harm to the baby and mother.

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