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Red blood vessels in the eyes

Also, in addition to these, call redBlood vessels on the eyes can still a number of reasons. At the same time, for different reasons, different countermeasures are required. Some recommend immediate medical intervention and medical care, the latter can only require consultation with the attending physician, and thirdly, medical care is not required at all. In any case, you need to pay attention to all the symptoms that accompany redness, from the presence of hemorrhages and the degree of redness and to subjective symptoms.

Redness of the eye arises from the expansionBlood vessels located in the white ocular membrane (sclera). This can happen for many reasons, but most often because of too dry air irritating the eyes, dust or foreign bodies entering the eye, sunlight, allergic reactions, or as a result of injuries or other diseases. If the reddening of the eyes occurs often enough, it is most likely the cause of this cough or physical strain. Then the appearance of small blood spots in the sclera region is possible. Another name for these blood spots is subconjunctival hemorrhage. Even if this phenomenon looks rather scary, it is not dangerous to health, if there is no pain. Pass such spots, usually in a few weeks.

Inflammatory, as well as infectious process can occur in any area of ​​the eye. In this case, in addition to redness, the eye can feel itching, pain, there are discharge and possibly a visual impairment.

Possible causes include the following diseases.

  • Blepharitis. It is an inflammatory process of the eyelash follicles, located along the eyelid. Occurs because of skin bacteria. With this disease, symptoms are observed, such as the formation of the cortex on the eyelids and itching.
  • Conjunctivitis is an inflammation or infectionCovering the front of the eyes or eyelids. In people, this disease is often called the "pink eye". The causes of its occurrence are bacteria, virus, allergy or irritation. In the case where conjunctivitis is caused by bacteria or a virus, the disease is contagious.
  • Ulcers of the cornea (outer shell of the eye) can also cause redness of the eyes. The nature of their occurrence, as a rule, is viral or bacterial.
  • Inflammation of the choroid of the eye.

One of the possible causes of reddening of the eyes may be inflammation of the choroid of the eye. Inflammation can be caused by toxic damage, an autoimmune disease or infection.

In addition to the above diseases, the causes of redness of the eye sclera can be:

  • Foreign body, which, being in the eye, traumatizes it;
  • Corneal scratches due to dust, contact lenses, sand, etc .;
  • Severe cold or allergy;
  • Bleeding, which can occur, for example, due to an overdose of a drug that reduces blood coagulability;
  • Sharp and very painful increaseIntraocular pressure - an attack of glaucoma. This phenomenon entails serious visual impairment. In the event of this attack, it is urgent to seek medical help. Most often, glaucoma develops slowly enough.

To assign a correct course of treatment, you needCorrectly establish the cause. It is best to seek the advice of a specialist. Only a doctor can accurately determine the diagnosis and prescribe the necessary treatment.

If the red blood vessels are observed at you constantly,You must always consult a doctor. Chronic redness of the eye can occur due to allergic reactions, various diseases of the eyelids and eyes. Categorically it is forbidden to use self-medication in this case.

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