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Physiotherapy during pregnancy

Methods of exercise therapy

Starting from the 1st week to the 16th week, pregnantThey instill skills for constant studies, it is taught to breathe properly and perform physical exercises. Gymnastics during this period of pregnancy strengthens the musculoskeletal system, respiratory and cardiovascular systems.

Gymnastics, from 17 weeks to 32 weeks, is aimed at improving the conditions for normal fetal development, strengthening the perineum and abdominal muscles.

Gymnastics from 32 weeks of pregnancy is aimed at preserving the functionality of the systems that provide development and growth of the fetus.

The gymnastics includes restorative exercisesFor the legs, trunk, hands. Special and breathing exercises to strengthen the feet, abdominals, back muscles. And also exercises that promote the extensibility of the perineum.

To strengthen the abdominal press, the followingExercises: standing in the starting position (PI) we make the slopes and turns of the trunk. We lay down on our backs and imitate riding a bicycle, crossing our legs (like scissors), raising our legs and writing up figures with straight raised legs, drawing figures. To increase the permeability of the perineum, perform exercises with the greatest bending, dilating the legs, raising the knees and folding the soles together.

Approximate sets of exercises

The first complex

  • Exercises on the 17-32 week start with a slowWalking on the spot. Breathing should be uniform and free (2 min). Hands to the sides are bred, then lifted up, stand on toe, take a breath, return to the FE, we exhale (repeat up to 6 r).
  • Hands along the torso, legs shoulder-width apart. The trunk is turned to the right, while we spread our arms wide in front of the chest, take inhalation, return to the FE, we exhale (3-4 times in each direction).
  • Lie down on your back - breathing in, leaning on the floorForearms rise, we exhale, we return to the FE, we breathe in, already lying on our backs, we do exhalation (up to 6 times). Bent legs for 30 seconds. Imitate riding a bike. Next 30 seconds. We make cross leg movements (imitation of scissors). We lift one leg, take it aside, return it to the FE (3-4 rubles each leg). Slowly and deeply breathe (up to 8 r).
  • We rise on the "fours". We raise the left hand forward, and the right leg is taken back - the breath, we return to the FE, we breathe out. Now the right arm is forward, and the left leg is back (up to 6 times).
  • We kneel down, sit on his heels, breathe in, kneel, exhale (up to 8 times).

The second complex

  • Exercises on the 32-40th week (weak group). Slow walking on the spot. Respiration should be uniform (2 min). Hands along the torso, legs at the width of the shoulders-we raise our right arm upward, we take our left hand back, we breathe in, we return to the FE, we breathe out. We change hands and repeat exercises (4 р). Hands at waist, legs wide apart - inhale, lean right, raise right arm, exhale, return to FE, take a breath (in each side 3 r).
  • We lie on our backs straight, our legs are bent so that the feet rest on the floor - inhale, raise the pelvis and draw in the anus, exhale, return to the IE - breathing in, we're already breathing out.
  • Lying on his back, his legs are straight, his hands under his head - inhale, straight up his legs - exhale. Inhale - we spread our legs to the sides, exhale - we reduce our legs, we inhale - we lower our legs, exhale - lying on our back (4-6 r).
  • Lying on his side. We divert the right leg and the right hand to the side - inhale, into the IE we exhale. Exercise we repeat on each side 4-6 r.
  • Standing on all fours - breathing in, bending our back up, lowering our head - exhaling, bending our back down, and lifting our head upwards - inhale (repeat up to 6 r).
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