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Anesthetics during pregnancy

It must immediately be said that the modernMedicine there are painkillers, which after consultation with the treating specialist can be taken and during the course of pregnancy. However, you can use them strictly according to the doctor's prescription, without self-medication! Otherwise, both your health and your future child's health may be at risk.

Most often doctors recommend that they be taken to pregnant womenWomen such a drug as Paracetamol - this means is preferred by a lot of doctors who are undergoing a pregnancy examination. Paracetamol has not only an anesthetic effect that helps to remove pain of medium and low intensity, but also anti-inflammatory and antipyretic effects (as well as most analgesic drugs). Although this drug can penetrate the placenta, until now no negative effects on the development and health of the fetus have been recorded. That's why Paracetamol WHO experts recommend as the most safe analgesic for pregnant women.

A little less often as a means of combating painUse Analgin. As a rule, doctors prescribe Analgin only in certain exceptional cases and only in single small doses, since this drug can penetrate the placenta and there have been cases when, during prolonged use, this drug adversely affected the development of the fetus. Also, analgin in use dilutes the blood, thereby reducing the level of hemoglobin.

One effective means isA drug like Nurofen. This drug is not forbidden to take during pregnancy, as there are no contraindications to this, however, when taking it, the dosage should be carefully observed. Nevertheless, the third trimester of pregnancy should stop taking the drug, because it can cause a decrease in the amount of amniotic fluid.

Riabal and No-shpa can remove the pain - they haveSpasmolytic effect, which helps in getting rid of pain. Contraindications to reception at pregnancy at these preparations are not present. Doctors often recommend pregnant women to wear No-shp with them, since this drug has the property of reducing the tone of the uterus.

However, all of the above painkillersMeans can not always help. If such a situation is present already in the second trimester, a specialist may prescribe the use of Baralgin or Spasmalgon - these drugs are already administered in the form of injections.

Nowadays, the choice of anesthetic ointments forLocal use. Like other drugs, not every ointment can be used during pregnancy. For example, it is strictly forbidden to use any ointments containing bee and snake venoms, dimexide and other similar active substances. Even widely used Vietnamese balm "Star" can negatively affect the body of the pregnant woman or her future child. Therefore, if you have painful symptoms, you should immediately consult a doctor.

In certain diseases, the treating specialistCan generally prohibit the use of pain medication during pregnancy. Such diseases include anomalies in the work of the kidneys and liver, gastrointestinal ulcers, bronchial asthma and others like them. There are cases when analgesics not only did not take away the pain, but also led to the appearance of undesirable symptoms such as chills, fever, rashes on the skin, swelling. If there are such symptoms, you should immediately consult a doctor!

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