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Abdominal pain in early pregnancy

Usually abdominal pains result fromSprains, which support the uterus during pregnancy. The fetus grows, and with it the sizes of the uterus increase, which means that the pressure on the ligaments increases. Muscles are not able to instantly adjust to new loads, so the pregnant woman experiences painful sensations. Moreover, the ligament stretching is felt not only during the change of position or with sudden movements, but also during coughing and sneezing. Such pain is usually short-term and sharp, so there is no need to take painkillers.

Another cause of abdominal pain isOverstrain of the abdominal muscles. In such cases, the pregnant woman experiences pain due to overexertion and physical exertion. In this case, the pregnant woman, in order to "calm down" the pain and return to the everyday state, you just need to relax and rest.

Another cause of abdominal painA woman in a position is an improper diet, which can lead to the fact that in the organs of the digestive system will begin spasms, expressed as aching pain in the lower abdomen. The pain in the lower abdomen can arise due to the pre-existing dysbacteriosis of the intestine and colitis. "Yesterday's" food, a dense dinner, undercooked or undercooked foods give the bowel an extra load, which can lead to increased gas formation and a feeling of heaviness in the lower abdomen. If the cause of the pain are listed factors, then after the digestion process is completed the pain will go away, but under similar conditions it can arise again. Therefore, in order to feel good, it is important to eat right. If a woman feels strong discomfort due to pain, you can drink activated charcoal or spasmolytic.

It is worth remembering that the cause of abdominal pain can beBe serious problems of a gynecological nature. Painful sensations in this case can arise due to unfavorable course of pregnancy, and also because of the general state of health of the pregnant woman. The cause of pain is often the threat of spontaneous abortion. The pain in this case gives in the lower back, it aching and resembles contractions, it usually does not subside until you take medication.

The cause of abdominal pain in the first trimester mayBecome and the threat of spontaneous abortion. Spontaneous abortion is divided into several stages: started, threatening, complete, abortion on the move, incomplete. In case of threatening abortion in pregnant women, gravity in the lower abdomen is observed, often drawing pains are observed in the region of the sacrum. When a spontaneous abortion begins, a woman experiences frequent and intense pain, bloody discharge appears. Often spontaneous abortion happens very rapidly, so it is not possible to take any action. At simultaneous drawing pains in a loin and pains in a stomach it is necessary to address immediately for medical aid.

If the pregnant menstruation flowedPainfully, that is the probability that in the early stages of pregnancy in the lower abdomen there will be discomfort. For sure, every woman who carried a child, faced with such a definition as a "stony belly." Often in pregnant women in the first trimester, there is hypertension of the uterus or as it is called in the people "uterus in a tonus." In this case, the belly of the pregnant woman becomes firm and, as it were, "shriveled." The cause of this may be a decreased production of progesterone, which is the main hormone of pregnancy. To fix the situation, the doctor appoints a riabal, magne-B6, no-shpu, and also prescribes to avoid physical exertion and to maintain bed rest.

As it turned out, the causes of pain in the abdomen are many and determine what really caused the pain, can only tell the doctor.

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