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Medication abortion early in pregnancy

Medical abortion: what is it

Under the medical abortion of pregnancy onEarly terms are usually taken to mean the method of abortion in the first stage with the help of special medications. Such an interruption of unwanted pregnancy is considered to be one of the safest ways in the world of abortion.

Basic principles of medical abortion

To terminate the pregnancy in this wayIt is necessary, first and foremost, to receive confirmation of conception and to identify the term using an express test, a pregnant ultrasound (using a vaginal sensor), and a blood test for hCG.

This type of abortion is effective only in the early stages(Up to 6 weeks). This process of abortion completely excludes any surgical intervention. After all, this abortion bears exclusively the medicinal use of such well-known drugs as Mifolian, Mifegin, Pencrofton and Mifeprex. The composition of these drugs includes the active ingredient mifepristone. This medication is able to block the action of progesterone (the hormone that supports pregnancy). When a woman enters the body, he begins to stimulate the process aimed at removing the fetal egg, after which the medicine acts softening on the cervix, opening it. As a result, the egg that was fertilized does not have the ability to attach to the wall of the uterus, which stops the development of the embryo.

The benefits of drug-induced abortion in the early stages

Such an interruption of unwanted pregnancyCompletely excludes surgical intervention and does not need anesthesia. Plus, the risk of infection is significantly reduced. Pregnancy can be stopped on minimum terms. And most importantly, such abortion gives a high guarantee of effectiveness, which is approximately 97%.

Contraindications pharmacological abortion

Drug interruption of fetal developmentIt is forbidden, if an ectopic pregnancy was found, there are scars on the uterus, a woman suffers from chronic adrenal insufficiency or bronchial asthma. Also, this type of abortion is banned in case of individual intolerance of the drug, women 35 years old that smoke in order to avoid complications with the cardiovascular system.

Stages of medical abortion

This procedure includes several stages: In the presence of a doctor, a woman should take 600 mg of the drug, and after 36-48 hours the drug is taken according to the prostaglandin regimen (hormone-like substances that cause the uterus to contract and displace the remains of the fetal tissue). And 4-8 hours after the action of prostaglandins there is a miscarriage due to uterine contraction. After 7-14 days a woman should undergo a checkup to make sure that the fetal egg particles do not remain.

This method not only interrupts pregnancyMinimal terms, but also it is considered practically painless (a woman can feel a small pain in the abdominal region, similar to pain at the time of menstruation).

Having done this abortion in the early stages, a womanQuickly returns to normal life. By the way, during the period of taking the drug, bed rest is even contraindicated, as this can complicate the fetal outcome. The only thing worth paying attention to is bleeding, which starts in the process of taking pills. Their abundance corresponds to normal menstruation or may be slightly higher. Allocations can last up to 12 days.

Finally, this type of abortion does not lead toInfertility, because the blocking of the receptors of progesterone is temporary and the woman can already in the first menstrual cycle. Plus, this abortion is easily tolerated in psychological perception.

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